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THE GREMLIN QUARTERLY is a free to public comix newspaper, featuring work from artists in Fine Art, Illustration, Underground Comix, Literature and more. It is created in the spirit of publications such as RAW & WEIRDO where artists have an opportunity to create something uniquely their vision to those seeking something that nourishes both mind and spirit while having the fun and edge that only underground comix can provide. It’s made available at independent book shops, comic shops, record shops and coffee shops around L.A, Oakland, SF, Seattle & Austin
The most recent Issue was distributed to these locations. Since they are delivered personally by editor, or a Gremlin volunteer, we are keeping distribution limited at this time. If you like Gremlin distributed at your location please cover shipping costs as this is a free creative service. Thank you! contact the editor via EMAIL .
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The Gremlin Quarterly is curated and edited by Teppei Ando. Usually invites come from this end.
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BONUS!!! See/Hear/Read 7″ Records were included in the 1st Vol of The Gremlin Quarterly, cut by hand by Richard Houghten. Yes, they are way all GONE. If you can’t find one on eBay, not to worry we got your back. Watch/Hear them play out HERE!
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The current issue of The Gremlin Quarterly (now in many stores) was brought to you courtesy of sponsorship by Skylight Books Place 8 Healing, Liz Dunning Design & Woodwork, Melt Zine @Melt Down Comics & Collectibles , Tarot Italy  with donations contributed by John Arana, Dustin Beckett, Jennifer Van Auken and Jen Dunjen

Vol 4 Guests/Introductions
Sophie Crumb
Noah Van Schier 
Matt Hart
Jon Stich (I think, I dunno I haven’t heard much from him he’s kinda in his own galaxy)
Ryan Travis Christian
Enzo Garza
David Noro
Alex Chiu 
A’ Misa Chiu
Anna Kirsh 
Tim Foster
Jen Dunjen
Anna Abble
Sandra Sierra 


Vol 3 Guests
David Ball
Blood Worldiest
Tanya Brodsky
Kelly C Brown
Mary Delioussina
Jen Dunjen
Sam G
Justin Gabbard
Kara Joslyn
Sam Hepburn
Camille Kolo
Casey Jex Smith

Secial Musial Guest:  Shannon & The Clams

Vol 2 Guests
Travis Brown
Max Clotfelter
Lenae Day
Henrik Drescher
Gaby Felten
Kelly Froh
Ellen Greider
Ben Montero
Edo Rosenblith
Heather Sundquist
Sopearb Touch
Jim Tozzi
April Wolfe

Special Music Guest: LUCUIS

Vol 1 Guests (<- insert Archive)
Conor Collins
Lenae Day
Liz Dunning
Evah Fan
Joe Flow
Justin Greenwood
Danny Jiminez
Peter Lalish
Eydie McConnell
Brendan Monroe
Nick Perry
Souyong Shin
Jim Tozzi
Joyce Lee Tsang
Eric Wesley
April Wolfe

1/10 copies of Vol 1 includes a special 7″ Record Comix collaboration of Teppei Ando, Matt Hewitt and Record Etcher, Richard Houghten. This special comix can be seen/heard/read here.

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