Thank yous!

Thank Yous are in order… These are both from The Gremlin and from me (Teppei, the editor) personally

Richard Houghten… For cutting 7″ records (a total of 50) for our debut issue and saving me from the Loop. Whatta good guy. (Goofballlll)
Alika Cooper… For giving me advice on how to navigate through the Los Angeles artistic community and giving me straight opinions
Jonah Olson… For helping to brainstorm names for this publications (Though he didn’t come up with the winning name) and being an understanding friend. And I guess, busting my balls.
Aaron Olson (L.A. Takedown)… for being a great person and being an inspiration
Liz Dunning… For cracking me up and being a constant friend. We fight like siblings, I love it (most of the time). Yoga, yoga!!
Derek McCall… for constantly being pumped for me and sending me long ass kind emails when I was hiding.
Angel Diaz… for giving me the wack eyes that made me get myself back on track and being generally an awesome friend.
Matt Hewitt… For being a brother in comic making madness and a creative force to be reckoned with
Skylight Books & Jenn Witte… for being supportive of my work from the getgo. How many years has it been?
Rachel Rosenfeld… For getting me into movies and being a good friend when I needed one. Keep it real!
Nick Perry… For being an ineffective moral compass (But you did not persuade me Nicholas)
Kelly Froh (Short Run)… For your encouragement when I needed it
Max Clotfelter (Intruder)… For advice on where to place free papers. He was right, Record Shops were the nicest
Pehrspace… For giving me a place to be in LA
Rock Paper Scissors Collective… For being my home in Oakland
Devon McClive… for understanding, giving me creative support and putting up with my shit for 2 years
Tamar Solomon… For being Melissa to my Brendan
Justin Greenwood… For being my drawing buddy and Spotify music playlist playmate. Greenwood-Ando For-Eva!!!
Marci Washingon… for being able to balance the darkness in her work and humor in life. Love her shit.
Sonny Smith (Sonny & the Sunsets)… for giving interesting projects to work on and being a creative hero.
John Arana… For checking in on me and being an emotional support. Hope we make that thing we talk about cause it’d be really rad.
Arnell Ando, my mother… for giving me the sensitivty of an artist and being a fan even when I’m not one of myself
Yoshiro Ando, my father… for giving me stubbornness and drive to keep going towards my dreams
Taro Ando, my brother… For pushing me to keep going my path even when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore

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