GREMLIN #constitution

The Gremlin Quarterly Constitution 

alright. So. I’m putting the #current #TheGremlinQuarterly #constitution up here in a #public setting. If I feel like I need to to #explain myself, I am just gonna send a link to #here, where anybody to #read or #watch this being #explained. #clear. Ok? Fair? Ok….
If anybody ever wishes to make an #amendment  of any kind please #communicate this to #me the #Editor aka absolute genius , Teppei Ando by posting in #clear #reasonable way in a #public setting for me to #read and #consider. In some #language I have the ability to communicate in such as #English #Japanese #drawing or even #code as I am kind of using with these #hashtags . Get it?




So. In short. current #leader is me, Teppei Ando, #creator and #founder and current head (actually only) #editor, as I am the only one doing any #organizing or #acting in a #management role. I will continue to #serve this #role #independently until somebody else can #demonstrate that they have the #drive and #ability to work at my super rad #level .
here are my #qualifications again if you need to be #reminded  <- I am super duper duper #smart and also have tons of real world #experience in both an “#mainstream ” level as I worked and studied #business while working at the bank as well as all these experiences working within the #underground #art #punk #music #culture like demonstrated and posted #publicly here

(thinkers, doers, artists, creative people blah blah blah)
#Anybody from any walks of #life has the ability to #contribute. However for me to find your #work #interesting you would have to #perform at the level of my #standards which have been #described to me as #HIGH. However, #showing any #sign of promise or initiative I usually am the type to #encourage even #coach people to meet this so called,  #standard, my advice is never secret, but I will do my best not to give it if it isn’t wanted. Please communicate if I am ever in anyway “freaking you out” or whatever as I am not aware, #I have what is called #tunnel-visioned of the #mind as #described to me by my web-developer friend/former #teacher by just one single #link. 1 #code if you will, in a format I could #understand. Animation.   If one word can explain all this to me that I am in fact not “insane”, that is in fact a form of #poetry

what else what else….

Certain #words or #phrases I may use so I dont have to call anybody out without being called “mean” because everytime somebody calls me “mean” it actually hurts my feelings because I actually am super duper nice, I just get real tierd of explaining myself when I have previously explained myself very clearly. You are an adult, therefor you have the ability to understand and act on your word.

#Fullofshit – You speak but do not act. You say things, “talk shit” tho you personally do not demonstrate ability to perform yourself, so it gets tiring to listen to. A #FullOfShit person is likely to be found behaving in nonsensical manners creating confusion, frustration, anger resentment all things that can and will effect my creativity. Don’t need ittttttttt

#Baby – Though a disagreemen or “fight” has previously been had and apologies were given, hands shook literally or in a figure of speech but you still hold a grudge andact as if the “war” is still going on this could be considered being “difficult” as it is extremely annoying for your mutual friends who can’t invite one person to a social engagement because another friend is mad at that friend? It’s kind of like High-School drama? Aint nobody wants to hear ittttttttt

#Goofball – A fool, Idiot, Dope. You act super silly without any rhyme or reason, no “structure” I guess? Hard to take you seriously as an “adult”

#Arrogant – You speak loudly but are unable to listen. To speak but not to listen means you are unable to learn new ideas. In life, you should always be able to accept new ideas constantly. You are only doing yourself a disservice by blocking out other people’s philosophies. Always listen, even consider. I do personally, therefor I am not #fullofshit

note: If you act in any of these ways too many times and I get sick of your shittttt you could potentially be blocked tho I have yet to do that. If I do have to do that, believe me you could potentially get a super condescending essay long email sent to you before I do that just. Please don’t make me do that.

Political Parties ? I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter? But here are a few “classes” if you will that I have seen latley. Don’t take these too seriously.

#Punk– doesn’t like rules. I a common trait associated w/ working class, perhaps would vote Democrat or something? Tends to be poetic, LO-Fi.
Tends to be more open-minded to people who could be considered “nerdy” or “weirdos”

#Bro – Likes to fit in “Normal Society”, tends to dress “sharp” or maybe even “hip” and also tends to like making $$$ in which to support this lifestyle. These people tend to really enjoy the :standards” set by convential society. I am not one of these people for example as I would be called an “eccentric” by many of these people, which I don’t actually find all that flattering but oh well. Whatevvvvvrrrrr

(please read carefully so you won’t be surprised!)
1. Original agreed deadline that was given in your invitation email. Completed in reasonable time even early is greatly appreciated. Rad even.
2. Gentle Reminde- Hey! It’s chill! This is just a reminder that the Deadline is coming up in about a month. Don’t stress. You might want to put it in your google- or phone- or real calender like I have on my wall and I look at it so I can know when things are coming up.
3. Final Gentle Reminder- Ok. Deadlines coming up in about a week and I haven’t heard anything from you. So I’m not even sure if you are getting ready or if you might possibly blow me off in some way, which would be frustrating to me so I might send this, could be considered “Passive Aggresive” but whatever still fair.
4. VERBAL ABUSE- Deadline is passed, maybe I was even super nice and gave you an extension but you are still being “flakey” to which point it sucks for me, cause again I do not enjoy it when people call me “mean”, but you leave me no choice but to go on a huge rant on you and possibly insult you. But you could have easily avoided such a fate if you turned in your piece sometime between 1-3
5. Fired!!! i don’t even know, i don’t even want to get this point cause I probably would not know how to deal with situation as I have kind of a Guilt-Complex but even I have my limitsssss. Fair? Yes?

. Ok? Thanks thats it for #now. Oy! #Everybody is in #agreement, this #court is #adjourned!  -Teppei Ando, editor signing off.