GREMLIN #constitution

The Gremlin Quarterly Constitution 

alright. So. I’m putting the #current #TheGremlinQuarterly #constitution up here in a #public setting. If I feel like I need to to #explain myself, I am just gonna send a link to #here, where anybody to #read or #watch this being #explained. #clear. Ok? Fair? Ok….
If anybody ever wishes to make an #amendment  of any kind please #communicate this to #me the #Editor aka absolute genius , Teppei Ando by posting in #clear #reasonable way in a #public setting for me to #read and #consider. In some #language I have the ability to communicate in such as #English #Japanese #drawing or even #code as I am kind of using with these #hashtags . Get it?




So. In short. current #leader is me, Teppei Ando, #creator and #founder and current head (actually only) #editor, as I am the only one doing any #organizing or #acting in a #management role. I will continue to #serve this #role #independently until somebody else can #demonstrate that they have the #drive and #ability to work at my super rad #level .
here are my #qualifications again if you need to be #reminded  <- I am super duper duper #smart and also have tons of real world #experience in both an “#mainstream ” level as I worked and studied #business while working at the bank as well as all these experiences working within the #underground #art #punk #music #culture like demonstrated and posted #publicly here

(thinkers, doers, artists, creative people blah blah blah)
#Anybody from any walks of #life has the ability to #contribute. However for me to find your #work #interesting you would have to #perform at the level of my #standards which have been #described to me as #HIGH. However, #showing any #sign of promise or initiative I usually am the type to #encourage even #coach people to meet this so called,  #standard, my advice is never secret, but I will do my best not to give it if it isn’t wanted. Please communicate if I am ever in anyway “freaking you out” or whatever as I am not aware, #I have what is called #tunnel-visioned of the #mind as #described to me by my web-developer friend/former #teacher by just one single #link. 1 #code if you will, in a format I could #understand. Animation.   If one word can explain all this to me that I am in fact not “insane”, that is in fact a form of #poetry

what else what else….

Certain #words or #phrases I may use so I dont have to call anybody out without being called “mean” because everytime somebody calls me “mean” it actually hurts my feelings because I actually am super duper nice, I just get real tierd of explaining myself when I have previously explained myself very clearly. You are an adult, therefor you have the ability to understand and act on your word.

#Fullofshit – You speak but do not act. You say things, “talk shit” tho you personally do not demonstrate ability to perform yourself, so it gets tiring to listen to. A #FullOfShit person is likely to be found behaving in nonsensical manners creating confusion, frustration, anger resentment all things that can and will effect my creativity. Don’t need ittttttttt

#Baby – Though a disagreemen or “fight” has previously been had and apologies were given, hands shook literally or in a figure of speech but you still hold a grudge andact as if the “war” is still going on this could be considered being “difficult” as it is extremely annoying for your mutual friends who can’t invite one person to a social engagement because another friend is mad at that friend? It’s kind of like High-School drama? Aint nobody wants to hear ittttttttt

#Goofball – A fool, Idiot, Dope. You act super silly without any rhyme or reason, no “structure” I guess? Hard to take you seriously as an “adult”

#Arrogant – You speak loudly but are unable to listen. To speak but not to listen means you are unable to learn new ideas. In life, you should always be able to accept new ideas constantly. You are only doing yourself a disservice by blocking out other people’s philosophies. Always listen, even consider. I do personally, therefor I am not #fullofshit

note: If you act in any of these ways too many times and I get sick of your shittttt you could potentially be blocked tho I have yet to do that. If I do have to do that, believe me you could potentially get a super condescending essay long email sent to you before I do that just. Please don’t make me do that.

Political Parties ? I don’t know. Doesn’t really matter? But here are a few “classes” if you will that I have seen latley. Don’t take these too seriously.

#Punk– doesn’t like rules. I a common trait associated w/ working class, perhaps would vote Democrat or something? Tends to be poetic, LO-Fi.
Tends to be more open-minded to people who could be considered “nerdy” or “weirdos”

#Bro – Likes to fit in “Normal Society”, tends to dress “sharp” or maybe even “hip” and also tends to like making $$$ in which to support this lifestyle. These people tend to really enjoy the :standards” set by convential society. I am not one of these people for example as I would be called an “eccentric” by many of these people, which I don’t actually find all that flattering but oh well. Whatevvvvvrrrrr

(please read carefully so you won’t be surprised!)
1. Original agreed deadline that was given in your invitation email. Completed in reasonable time even early is greatly appreciated. Rad even.
2. Gentle Reminde- Hey! It’s chill! This is just a reminder that the Deadline is coming up in about a month. Don’t stress. You might want to put it in your google- or phone- or real calender like I have on my wall and I look at it so I can know when things are coming up.
3. Final Gentle Reminder- Ok. Deadlines coming up in about a week and I haven’t heard anything from you. So I’m not even sure if you are getting ready or if you might possibly blow me off in some way, which would be frustrating to me so I might send this, could be considered “Passive Aggresive” but whatever still fair.
4. VERBAL ABUSE- Deadline is passed, maybe I was even super nice and gave you an extension but you are still being “flakey” to which point it sucks for me, cause again I do not enjoy it when people call me “mean”, but you leave me no choice but to go on a huge rant on you and possibly insult you. But you could have easily avoided such a fate if you turned in your piece sometime between 1-3
5. Fired!!! i don’t even know, i don’t even want to get this point cause I probably would not know how to deal with situation as I have kind of a Guilt-Complex but even I have my limitsssss. Fair? Yes?

. Ok? Thanks thats it for #now. Oy! #Everybody is in #agreement, this #court is #adjourned!  -Teppei Ando, editor signing off.

PUBLIC complaint against #familyindustries #juxtapoz

update: To my #understanding at least owners at #FamilyIndustries has read this statement and tho haven’t officially #apologized yet to my “standards” I will consider them to at this point have been #schooled or “served”
Furthur more here is a lecture on #smallbusiness I #discussed using #drawings #animation #prettyfaces and even #beyonce
Don’t judge a #book by just it’s #cover. You actually have to fucking #read the thing.

Public Complaint against
#familyindustries and #Juxtapoz

Again, in order to sue me for #slander the company #familyindustries in question and its business owners Max Hellman and Alex Meiner would need to prove in a court of law that all the information I am posting is untrue and I am stating to my knowledge and first perspective experience, as well with documented proof that everything I am saying is in fact 100% true. And yes I have already been warned “You need to chill” and “That’s a big company, they are gonna sue you” so I am making perfectly clear that I believe if such an action were to take place and I am provided the same capable law that #familyindustres and the Hellman Family can afford (and to make it perfectly clear I can not I am living paycheck to paycheck) I can in fact prove nothing I am saying is false.
If you were to call this a #cryforhelp I well say you are right, as I am not in the position to understand what legal steps that is required to file a #lawsuit on the owners of this company, Alex Meiner and Max Hellman ( ) for the charges of #abuse #workharassment #bullying #manipilation #deceit #fraud #fearmongering even #theft of creative property if possible.
By making this statement I am requesting investigation into the operations at #familyindustries to implement clear written policy and an #HRdepartment to protect the human rights of their employees no matter class, social standing, race or personality and legally required to provide training to the long-term employees who perhaps could not afford to go to college but are perfectly capable to learn the skills needed to perform any duty done by the people in the “office”. I will state on record that the origin of my project, was a direct reaction to the working conditions I saw at #familyindustries. Such skills I have used to make my “brand” more visible on social media, have been made publicly available so in which somebody who is unskilled in the act of marketing could learn and use my strategy. I would even go as far as to suggest @familyindustries hired the Social Media Expert (which I have in fact confirmed has been hired) after seeing how successful my strategy is. Not unlike how they toured the company @hnrcrew which claims to be “Originators of Live Screen-printing Since 2005” then according to HNRCREW “quit their jobs and started the exact same company”. The only reason I discovered the existence of @HNRCREW was because I saw the exact same print I saw many times at @familyindustries on their instagram profile (which I stumbled upon when it was suggested by my feed) and asked them if they were in some way connected to the company I worked for. Their response was “You are referring to Family Industries or INK”, and after I said “Family Industries” they said “Yukkk Those guys sukkkkk” and “They stole our business model and now they try and act like its all cool”. Something I was shocked and infuriated to discover as this “business model” was held over our heads, as if the people in the office had a special skill only they knew, perhaps learned in business school. I was shocked to discover that this skill which was involved in #familyindustries to make me feel such feelings as inferior, stupid, useless was not even respected within their own industry as the owners of #familyindustries are considered knockoffs of another successful live silk-screen company,
The key-difference in how not only the social-media for my project @thegremlinquartly and their project @familyindustries is that all information regarding the policies, standards needed to work with me as well real depiction of those involved have been made publicly and none of the lives of the artists involved are glamorized to appear “fun”. Being an artist can be fun but it is a extremely hard life and I believe the level of integrity I am not only providing as study but coaching made publicly needs to be protected. A level of artistic integrity I believe is not being respected by all parties involved in this complaint, let alone basic human rights.
By @familyindustries using similar tactics to glamorize their work environment to appear “quirky” and “fun” is extremely misleading to the working conditions I found, where again I personally was only making $13 an hour w no benefits and was called “bitch” repeatedly, even jokes made against my level of strength and body. And my complaints to the owner himself were dismissed as me being “confused”.
By creating a transparent atmosphere with my project @thegremlinquarterly I have also effectively created an open forum for anybody to have the potential to contribute/have input, and I have even been actively coaching and encouraging contributors and future contributors to meet my standards in hope they can be successful in their own career. I will state I have been known to have extremely high standards, something I am not only providing myself but have been coaching certain artists to meet. I have made long and detailed blogs about how I was able to get my foot in the door in the “art world” in hopes to not only inspire but coach people who could be considered as “weird”, “punk”, “nerd” “lost” etc., people IMO were not given the same equal treatment the “cool kids” in the office were given at #FamilyIndustries. Basically I felt the need to create an environment where intelligent original thinkers are able to speak their mind without the fear of being “shunned”, “cut off”, “fired” “unfriended” “blocked” and in my case at #familyindustries verbally abused and finally fired when I did not like the band #Grizfolk that my boss’s band #hotelforstrangers opened for.
I will state I have spent a good amount of my adult life frustrated with what I would call the “bro-system” in which qualified people are overlooked for opportunities because they could be considered “weird” or “eccentric”. I do not want to live in a world where I or any other “weirdo” have to be in constant fear of not having financial security, a sense of community, even taking on desperate working situations such as the 1+ years I spent working as “QC guy” at Family Industries to avoid the more corporate jobs they do not have the self-esteem/look/personality to be successful in. I felt the same frustrations as when I worked at the bank. I thought I would find success in a company that appeared to welcome creativity. I would much prefer to live in the world that everybody is able to think and say how they feel without the fear of being shunned or dis-included.
I will state on record I thought working at a “fun” looking screen-printing company would be a great environment for somebody who has been called “talented”, “creative” but found it to be anything but. But again, I only saw the working conditions in the “shop” the entire span of time I worked at #familyindustries, I was never in the select class that were sent to fun or exotic areas, instead was conditioned to stand in one spot the entire time behind a giant heater where my coworkers were allowed to call me “bitch” and “weird”, while even the owner, Alex Meiner will verbally abuse me. I will again state, this is the only thing I did the entire time, even told to not “move from my spot”. In case anybody was curious these are my qualifications
I am clearly capable of handling work much more complex than standing in a single spot staring at an endless line of mass produced screen prints for companies such as #honda. In fact I could have without being too “cocky” done every job that the employees in the “office” had, perhaps even better than them if given an hour of training. I would even as bold as to say I could have been an incredible asset to their company if they made any effort to use my talents and intelligence to not only improve conditions but even make a profit for them as a business.
Having said that I well say there were several employees at #familyindustries who IMO treated me as an equal/human being, those were all found working in the “shop”, their names would be Nick, Antwon, JOJO, Johnny, Zack and eventually Richi and though he is now as I understand it happy to be working in the “office”, Angry Ryan too . There was am an named Adam who in the office who was extremely warm and friendly to me, even bonded over music but still I do believe he has been “sucked” into the glamour of the “office” and can be neglectful of who is selected to be sent on “Live Gigs”. In fact I still hear complaints on this matter, complaints that could be easily ratified. I will say I got no such treatment from the employees in the “Office”, I would be bold enough to state were extremely rude and disrespectful most of the time, which is better than not being looked at all.
The typical interactions I had with the people in the “office” were like this. Bobby who wouldn’t even look up at me for the first 5 months (eventually seemed like a nice enough guy at least when some connection was made, though conversations were very brief), Andrea who would wave her arms when she wanted me to get out of her way. Again, as a man who is clearly more qualified to do more than stand in one spot behind a heater I found it extremely insulting when a girl I knew nothing about was waving her arms for me to get out of her way. She had no idea who I was, where I come from, how intelligent I may be, all she saw was somebody with a beard, dirty clothes and clearly confused as to what was happening. Sometime later, perhaps 5 months into my working at Family Industries did she realize my name is Japanese and that I was Half-Japanese. She asked “can you speak Japanese?” and I said yes. She spoke her adequate but not particularly impressive Japanese and I responded fluently. She was surprised. I would have loved to let her know that any number of the employees in the “shop” might have secret talents if she were to talk to them like a human being not wave her arms for them to get out of the way but I felt it could be considered “rude” to the person who is my “Superior” .
I will say the owner Max Hellman, rarely looked me in the eye or would utter entire sentences to me other than on my departure “What are you doing tonight, just hanging out?”, without any indication he actually wanted to hear what I was up to that night. I do not go home and “chill”. I go home and “work”. I do not chill because again, being an artist is hard work and I think I have clearly demonstrated I am willing to do the work. I do remember a night where I attempted to make a connection with Max Hellman, in went in and requested a meeting. While we waited for Alex Meiner to arrive back from his break. In this at typical awkward moment between me and my former friend now boss Max Hellman I asked him “Have you been practicing?”. I forgot what his response was but I then asked “I was talking about your music”, to which his buddy Bobby snickered and Max said “oh, yeah. I don’t know I just after I get off work don’t wanna play these songs over, lets just write some new songs”. I did think it was a bit odd again because everybody I know who is a musician can easily explain to me what projects they are working on and what it means to them but I did not ever hear such words from Max neither verbally or in text (email). This would add to the stress of the Bat-Face Girl music video I was working on because I personally will state that I had feared this band was not a work of passion and in working on this project I would now have this project associated with the other projects I have made that were IMO created by passionate artists.
I will state on record in all honesty that working on the BAT FACE-GIRL music video was the most challenging creative experience of my life. If you watch it isn’t as involved as some of my other projects. it isn’t the work that was hard. It was that I didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand what the music meant. I listened to the album over and over and tried to understand what the words meant and I didn’t get it. And having worked with Max Hellman I could still get no clues as to what his thought process was while writing these songs.
I will state on record in all honesty I spent many nights lying on my couch after-work unable to work on the music video saying to myself “what does it mean? What does it mean??” Meaning, what is the point of this music? Is the sole purpose of this music to make these people appear “cool”? I didn’t get to know any of the other members except perhaps Drew who was a bit frustrating but at least engaged and interested. I am sure they are all very nice people. But making people “cool” is not what music is about. “cool” people do not exist. It is an illusion. Just like the company in which Max Hellman is owner of, it appears “fun” and “cool” but it is anything but. And again this is coming from my own personal experience standing in one spot as a QC guy in the “shop”. Perhaps other employees got to see how “cool” and “fun” this company is.
A theme actually explored in said music video where the character Bat Face Girl does not relate to her “cool” friends. Though this was a storyline outlined prior to me working at #FamilyIndustries once I began working there I could not help to drawl comparisons and felt like a “phony” as the concerns of Bat Face Girl were not at all the concerns Max Hellman appeared to have as far as I could tell from any engagement I had with him. So it was a clear contradictions and would again send me back on my couch saying “what does it mean? What does it mean??”
In fact I will state the one time IMO Max Hellman made any effort to make a real connection with me the entire time I worked at #familyindustries was the day one of their employees committed suicide. Max came out to the office, appearing to be in grief, though honestly from my perspective he didn’t appear to be very emotional, and announced this employee who I actually never had the pleasure of having a conversation with had “passed away”, in that one sentence he looked me dead in the eye, and I even thought “is he letting me know he has feelings?” as again he had made no actual effort to make a real connection with me except for a few small talk phrases that I did not know how to communicate in. I am an intelligent, some would even say well spoken person (given the chance) and do not know how to engage in “small talk” well, I did not think it was a requirement of any kind to be excepted in a work environment but I have found it can often be the case.
That very night on my way out, and I will state I would usually leave with my head down because the working environment at #familyindustries was so flawed I was often extremely confused and stressed while employed there. I was leaving with my head hung down as usual when owner Max Hellman, called me in by saying “Hey man, come in here”. I went into the office where his dog Penny began to bark at me. Max Hellman has a pet dog named Penny who he allows to bark and nip at his employees (yes please confirm, this dog Penny barked and nipped at me on a daily basis and Max did nothing but sit at his chair saying “pennnnnnny.” but like if I were to forget to clock in the time card he would say to me “Tepppeeeiii” a repeating theme I found extremely insulting. Max Hellman would even go as far to train the dog in your presence as he did that night onto me. For 2 minutes I stood awkwardly as Max Hellman trained his dog, Penny, by saying “stop Penny. Stop. Stop. She’s gotta learn. Stop. Stop”.
The situation was incredibly awkward to say the least, but eventually Max Hellman broke the tension by saying without looking me in the face “hey man…. Remember the time we went to go see Elliot Smith?”.
I responded, “What? back in High School?”.
“Yeah” Max responded while still looking to the side, as if he were standing looking cool and thoughtful.
I responded with my actual thoughts “Yeah,, I remembered he was super wasted and forgot al his ly….”
“Hrrrgh!!” Max Hellman interrupted. I thought I perhaps interrupted the special moment he was attempting to bond with me over.
It grew silent again so to break the awkward tension I asked “is this because that guy killed himself today?”
“hrrgh” Max said again and another awkward pause before eventually Max said “Have a good night, man”.
It was an awkward situation because he was acting to me in a way a friend of mine would act after a great heart to heart was had, but in fact no such thing that occurred from my perspective.
two things I should make clear. 1) Elliot Smith is a very famous and influential song writer who killed himself and most likely at the time me and Max saw him together in High School he was on the verge of his mental breakdown and later suicide.
2.) Max Hellman is a friend from high-school, even could have considered him a close friend in those times.
During High-school it was apparent to me Max Hellman lived in a completely different environment than me, his parents were incredibly wealthy and he had a MOOG and a POOL TABLE and me and my friends would hang out in his very nice and cool house. We had common interests such as music to bring us together, but I will honestly say even then there were clear indications than the priorities of Max were different than ours, and it is fully understandable. Max grew up in an environment that had a whole different set of social standards than the rest of our “crew” whose social class could be described as middle class, in my case growing up with a single mother who would buy us payless shoes at times. So though you can say I had a very open minded household we could never be described as “spoiled”. And I am not saying that in any attack on Max, who I am sure had his own issues of dealing with pressure from his family to be “successful” in the upper-class society his family belonged in, his family who of course are founders of the famous Hellman Mayonnaise. So I would theorize that during the 14 years that has passed since last “hanging out” with Max our priorities have completely shifted. I remained poor. But I have worked extremely hard working various day jobs at coffee shops, bakeries, and even a bank for 6 years where I learned how a business is supposed to operate with policies and procedures in place for workers rights. Again, Max Hellman was fully aware that I have had this experience and skill. Perhaps given a bit of inspiration he would have hired me as an “HR” representative as clearly I am very sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings. Yes even Max’s which I’m sure he was himself very confused as to how to handle the situation. However, I make no excuses for him, he is a business owner. He has responsibilities that I do not as an employee, responsibilities that I do not think are still to this day fully comprehended or at least acted on in a responsible manner. That’s neither here or there, I am just stating clearly something was wrong with the situation handled at this company.
I will state on record IMO there are several employees at this company whose self-esteems I believe are so low they actually have trouble believing they can aspire for more, in fact I was accused of “lecturing” them several times to attempt to coach or suggest what “standards” Family Industries may have to allow highly capable and intelligent people who could be considered “weird” to have access to the same training and work opportunities provided to the other more “cool” employees. I suggested to employees such as Johnny that he dress more “hip” or “cool”, and he responded “Dude you don’t know how many times I have tried to talk to them!!!”, he was clearly extremely frustrated that he was constantly belittled and made to feel inferior, I would even say “But you can do it. You’re smarter than you think.”
IMO such a tactics like hiring a professional film crew to make the factory look “cool”,meaning filming the going-ons of the office but not filming the “shop” could be used to keep an employees self-esteem low, something I would consider to not only be of poor management but unethical and lawfully wrong. From my understanding Johnny Erentreich has been spending a lot of time working out, losing weight, even bought a new car but still was not allowed to be sent to the “live gig” at COMIC-CON, even though his FB feed is full of photos of him dressing up like CARNAGE and VENOM. If I were in charge of management at a company in which employees could be sent to Comic-Con to do “live gigs”, the first person I would send is the guy who not only has a Venom mask but a Carnage Mask.
Full disclosure again, for public record I am fully aware by posting on Facebook that my post is being seen in a public setting therefor would consider any posting I Teppei Ando, make regarding the working conditions at #familyindustries as a public statement that I would be willing to include in any #lawsuit against #familyindustries .
If my information appears scattered it is because the information I am stating is so complex it would take somebody in the profession such a #lawyer or #counselor to fully comprehend how to handle in a legally binding way.
I am fully aware that owner Max Hellman has made statements to his employees who were my friends while working in the “shop” at his company in the position of “QC” that I, Teppei Ando “was supposed to get help and didn’t”, a tactic I would compare to how perhaps Napoleon and Squealer used in the novella, ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell in which the leader in this case, Max Hellman is telling his employees that the person they fired was “crazy”. Basically stating to not consider the thoughts feelings, philosophies oh that individual that did not belong at #FamilyIndustries. I would draw many comparisons to my experience working at #familyindustries to those depicted in ANIMAL FARM, where a select group lived in glamour while the un-selected were kept at the harder less undesirable even socially un-respected positions despite their equal ability to learn and perform the same duties the “office” employees had.
I will state publicly all this information has been made available to owners at #Familyindustries a company, I, Teppei Ando worked for over a year. If I seem #upset #distraught #angry in any of my posts those are feelings I had when I was fired without notice from this company and events that transpired during the year 1+ I worked for this company and the details connecting me to the going-ons at #familyindustries are still effecting and interfering with the work and projects I am currently involved in which I am required to maintain a very sensitive level of standard and skill that I believe #familyindustries is even trying to borrow from. I have made my feelings known to owner of the company that employed me several times to be responded in such ways as “it is what it is” , “we’ll talk” “sorry it had to happen” and finally “I don’t have to explain it to you”, “you’re not going to win any points with us” and “You have burned bridges with everyone I know” by business owner, Max Hellman.
I am stating as a business owner, Max Hellman is in fact 100% required to explain it to me in writing the policies of the company which allows his employees to call me “Bitch”, “Crybaby” “weird”, and ignores several requests to be given an assignment better suited to my experience and IMO was fired when I stated that I did not enjoy the band #grizfolk that my boss’s band, Hotel For Strangers opened for. Also that his company #familyindustries is using a social-class platform in which to hire the poor/uneducated and keep them in the “shop” which is where I worked the entire duration I was at #familyindustries, while using glamorous marketing strategies to make his company appear “cool” and “fun”. I would drawl such tactics again to comparisons with the book, ANIMAL FARM, and in fact the slogan for Family Industries posted in the walls of their company is a their company mascot stating “Big Family is Watching You” posted all over factory. No I am not making that up. That is actually plastered all over the walls.
I personally did not experience those things as I was not among the lucky “cool” people who were sent to exotic areas as pictured nor were my direct co-workers who often voiced complaints that tho they were long-term & capable employees were overlooked for “live gigs”. A “live gig” is a job that you would be rewarded if your supervisors liked you which is not only advantageous because you are sent to “fun” areas but also because you were paid more. As many employees employed by Family Industries are “poor” a “Live Gig” would be considered highly desirable. I will state my coworkers often stated that the marketing handled at Family Industries were misleading as they “make it look fun to work there”, I too felt this way when I was invited to work there, even excited to work there when I did the research for the company but found my experience working at #familyindustries to be not that at all as I was among the unlucky who spent their experience working at #familyindustries in the “shop” side of what I would call a “factory””, a factory where there is a clear line between social classes. I even heard jokes in the “office” making fun of the people in the “shop” saying, “notice how they all huddle together. Must be lonely”. I thought that was a weird thing to say as the people in the “office” are constantly hanging out and broing out with each-other just the same.
As an introductory, I am somebody who is considered “poor” but have earned all the experience and skills I have at college, day jobs such as (coffee shops, bakery and 6 years working at a bank) as well as my countless hours volunteering at community- art spaces such as… in Oakland and in Los Angeles. Feel free to follow up with owners/managers of both locations as well as the Bank I worked at for 6 years in Oakland. While working at the bank I developed the skill of #research and preventing #fraud, an action described as #whistleblowing All these experiences were fully available for #familyindustries to understand but choose to ignore just as they repeatedly ignored my requests to be trained for a position better suited for my qualifications, and was only responded by things I would suggest are “cold shoulder” even called “weird”. Again, there was no HR system in place the only person I could voice my concerns to was my direct supervisor, Tobias who took no action beyond perhaps understanding, even stating “I know there’s no training here.” and would only then ramble on about his own frustrations with the way the company is run.
Around this point is when I began my own project with a philosophy that talent can come from anywhere as all my friends that I have made in the “Art-World” are extremely unique and original thinkers from different paths of life. With this project I have brought together members of all creative communities, Fine-Art, Underground Comics, Illustration, Literature and music, with only 1 thing that unites them. They all can actively work within their fields in a professional setting. And I have made no false statement as to what any of these people actually do in their lives. Whether they are an illustrator/designer at Google, a film critic at La Weekly, a completely unknown underground artist if they meet my standard of integrity and discipline in their craft they have a place at But is not exclusive to the creative people it is a community space where our fans can come and talk to me, ask for advice even make jokes at my expense. No one will ever be blocked or unfriended without very clear reasons to which can assure you I would be able to express just as well as I am now if needed. I sure hope not. All information is public and anybody is entitled to understand whats going on at all times.
Here is another strange thing that occurred while in correspondence with employees at #familyindustries. This company enjoys having a certain “indie rock” vibe and seem to be extremely proud to be friends with such people like Matt Sharp of The Rentals as several times Max Hellman owner name dropped him in ways like “Hey man, let me know if you want to get on the list for Rentals” and “Matt Sharp, party”. These were not conversations these were quick sentences blurted out to me as he walked by.
I did not know how to respond to these things because I am not at all interested in meeting or becoming friends with Matt Sharp of The Rentals. I will say full disclosure, I loved the first 2 Rentals albums but again I was in highschool the years in when last time I was friends with Max Hellman not his employee.
I have since worked with such musicians as Sonny and the Sunsets, Social Studies, Shannon & the Clams, The Sam Chase, real struggling musicians working today so somebody who I would consider hasn’t done anything of interest to me personally since highschool doesn’t impress me. I have heard the last Rentals album but I don’t think I need to get into my feelings on that..
Here is an important fact I need to state. Prior to working at #familyindustries Max Hellman let me know that his band Hotel For Strangers needed a music video made. I have created several music videos and the offer was welcomed, I was even excited to work on it because I was broke. I hadn’t explored the music but from what I had heard of Max Hellman now as an adult in Los Angeles he was very successful, referred to as a “machine” by a mutual friend.
It wasn’t until I accepted said project and begun story-boarding to the song “Bat-Face Girl” did I do my research, confused as to what the band has done. What it turned out to be was a project that was in the beginning stages and the band hadn’t begun their performing.
It struck my ego for a moment, I have yet to ever do a project for a band that hasn’t earned their “street cred”, but at times as a professional artist I have to remind myself to take jobs and accomplish them as an animator/designer, like it were a job. It was fine.
The problem with this particular project came when I began working at Family Industries. All this behavior expressed above in the working environment made it perfectly clear that Max Hellman did not meet my own particular standards of being an “artist”. He was unable to answer any questions regarding it, he would say things like “Oh yeah, just sending it off to the mastering plant” and “We got a promoter, we’ll just see how it goes”.
These words were confusing because, I personally have never spoken to any musician that had hired a promoter. My friends have all built their followings by playing shows and engaging in the community perhaps a completely different community that Max Hellman and his music friends engage in I am not sure. I will say I never once saw Max at any art show or music show I was intending except for the 3-Mile Pilot show I invited him to, even made a big effort though I was extremely uncomfortable whenever I had to go into his “office”.
The BAT-FACE-GIRL project was a constant struggle as I am somebody who takes pride in his work so felt frustrated in myself that I wasn’t doing a good job, I didn’t want to fake it, I just didn’t understand it. And yes any number of my personal friends can testify I was extremely frustrated while working on it. But whatever. Eventually it was completed. And after several edit requests (by several I would say about 8 adjustments where I’m used to a band being quite satisfied with my work the project was complete and we could at last move on.
Finally Max Hellman’s band Hotel For Strangers played a show, and not too long after played a 2nd show in which he opened for and #grizfolk who we constantly printed shirts for. I had seen this image so many times it is still burned in my head. I used to wonder, “who is this GRIZFOLK band?” and at last I was about to find out…
I will have to clarify when I say I have what somebody might consider very particular tastes in music as can be noted in my personal instagram account @teppeiando in which I often note what band I am listening to and why.
I will say not in anyway to be “mean” but Grizfolk was the worst musical experience I have seen. And no, I am not being “mean”, watching this band perform was everything I hate about music and the hierarchy of being popular. On stage a bunch of extremely arrogant looking men playing “cool” music. I will say just personally I loathed it.
I will say tho, during Max Hellman’s performance in Hotel For Strangers he did look me directly in the face and genuinely seemed happy to see me there. Things were looking up. In the shop I was actually getting along with everybody except for a man they referred to as “Little Ryan” who in my opinion was extremely racist and sexist and I did not like him and he did not like me. But aside from that particular gentleman I was getting along w everybody, even came out of my “slump” and was doing well as I was just about to print the first issue of The Gremlin Quarterly my free to public paper. I was still extremly frustrated that I was still after a year and multiple “meetings” still standing in one spot catching shirts and sticking them into boxes. But on that night Toby, my direct supervisor who I had been extremly frustrated with for his lack of management and leadership skills (to my standards) told me the guys in the office wanted to talk to me.
I actually even thought perhaps they were finally going to give me something else to do. I had gone into that office weeks before to request to be interviewed for “office assistant” position, which I will again state I am clearly qualified for. They said they would consider it, even seemed to be “proud” of me in a way for coming into talk to them like a “man” and not like a “bitch” as one of their previous employees, who I was told is the drummer of the band, O.C. did. I do not know anything about that particular man but apparently he also did not enjoy his experience working at Family Industries and made several complaints outloud to the annoyance of his fellow “shop” workers whose livelihoods depended on this “shitty job”. I could even say I perhaps was feeling the same way when I first began there because everything that was going on in this company confused me. I was confused that I would be invited to parties my coworkers (by coworkers, the employees in the “shop”) weren’t. I felt contantly confused as no training was in place, there was not one single person spending anytime with me explaining my job except Nick Perry. Who it was quite clear to me had been a while that there was another employee at the “shop” that could understand and communicate at the level of his intellect, which I will state is very high. In fact much too high IMO to be employed in this factory but a humble man like Nick Perry is quite content to make enough money to pay his rent.
Back on to topic, things appeared to be going well. I thought perhaps they had seen the “buzz” surrounding my upcoming project and wanted to get involved in someway. I was completely wrong.
I waited while they awkwardly mosied around their “office” as usual looking “cool” as I waited patiently for their audience. Finally I was awarded the audience of Max Hellman and his business partner, Alex Meiner. I can tell you I can still feel the shock when they told me “we’ve decided… We’ve talked… and today is going to be your last day”
“what??” I was extremely shocked, even panicked, I will remind you I had no other source of income. I practically “begged” as Max had once refereed to in the situation of the drummer from OC for my job. I stated that no warning had been given. Yes there were issues in the past, mostly due in my opinion to complete lack of structure in this company, complete lack of training, complete miss-fit of duties.
The offered me no notice, and suggested to me that by giving me 2 weeks pay that was being taken care of. No, I would not agree that is a reasonable amount of money regardless of the fact they had no written explanation of why they were “letting me go” as I believe would be required by law. My suspicions were that because I didn’t enjoy and think the band #grizfolk was “cool” they were tired of my “weird” qualities. I will state, IMO to anyone who may or may not read this, not thinking your boss is “cool” is not a legally binding reason to fire somebody. If that were the case. That is the act of somebody whose mental capacity is still that of a teenager. As is running a business where the “cool” kids get special treatment that the “weirdos”, and please do follow up they are all capable intelligent people who could do any of the jobs that the “fresh” employees are hired for.
It became clear that it was Toby my direct supervisor who was too frustrated with me. We had been butting heads, but again I will state I voiced my concerns to him several times and his only response would be to ramble on about his own complaints of how the company is run, not take any action to meet my needs. IMO he was not acting as my supervisor in any way, he was not teaching me or telling me anything I did not already know. If anything I found him extremely frustrating because he would constantly speak to me like a child. I even at one point, after he had previously said to me “Woah man, when you come out like me like that” in a situation I will describe as me working on something and him coming up to me and telling me it was “break time”. I will say, every-time it was “break-time” I was the only one who was told to stop working by Toby. There were 2 other girls around me who would be working, but he would constantly interrupt me. I well honestly say I felt Toby was threatened by me, and he was constantly projecting his need to be “alpha” in the shop and didn’t understand why I didn’t respect him as such. I will not say Toby is a bad man. I will say I did not respect his intellect in any particular way the way I did perhaps Nick. So yes it could get a little tiresome to hear him talk for even up an hour at a time about his complaints and how everything’s “gonna change” and they’re gonna do away with the “meatheads” as he referred my immediate coworkers such a Zack and Richi. I will honestly say I respected Zack and Richi more because they were very aware of themselves and would never call either one of those “meatheads” as Toby referred to them as not “full of shit” or “arrogant”, I would say once I connected with these gentleman both were extremely thoughtful and sensitive whether they wanted to admit it or not by making fun of my “salad boy” music.
I was so shocked and confused, I didn’t even know where to grab my belongings, even was described as “Lost his shit” by Alex Meiner in what was described to me in a mocking way.
I even grew angry at my friend Nick Perry because he did not seem to be disturbed at to what was happening. I was being “bro-ed out” for no legally binding reason, and he was joking like nothing odd was happening. IMO view of this situation I would relate this experience to the scene again in ANIMAL FARM where Snowball is cased off the farm by Napoleon’s dogs.
Whatever. I am broke. I do not have a job. I did however spend my entire time working at #familyindustries saving up to buy a newish Mazda3 from my brother who is employed by MAZDA in Japan and is just as intelligent and driven as me. So after a couple days of shock and process of what happened which I am still confused about, but besides the point, I apply to be a LYFT DRIVER. In fact for a moment I think maybe it’ll be okay. Forget the fact that I spent an entire year standing behind a giant heater catching shirts and sticking them boxes to never even be allowed to try another position, told to “stand in place”, called a “bitch”, “pussy”, all these things were apparently for naught. At least I had worked there long enough I had a means to earn money.
Months go by. I am actually quite good at being a LYFT DRIVER as it turned out, as I am very friendly and people seem to enjoy not only my taste in music but my philosophies on life and even are impressed with how “smart” and “funny” I am. All things I most definitely enjoyed hearing after spending a year being called “bitch” and “pussy”. I am almost past the moment all these horrible things happened to me…. Almost….
Until one day out of the blue, who but messages me on FB. Max Hellman, my “friend” who hired me for a job, and did not speak to me “like a man” as he stated it once IMO the entire time I worked at his company, rather making a few “grunts”, a few meaningless sentences that I did not know how to respond to. And again I am not saying that to be “mean”, I honestly can say the sentences (that is being polite as he would rarely say more than one to me) had no intellectual Merritt in which I could respond. It was constantly frustrating that I was unable to speak to my employer in an intellectual way without him looking visibly annoyed at the words I was saying. Max Hellman did not like people saying things he didn’t understand, and would even be referred to as “swinging his big dick around” by Little Ryan. I would often be confused when Max Hellman would talk to me because it did not seem he had any interest in what I had to say. Again, I do not respond in small talk, I am somebody that needs things expressed to me in some clear way. If Max is perhaps an introvert I would gladly except a letter to express his thoughts just as I am doing now.
So this man, Max Hellman who in my opinion directly involved in all the information mentioned thus far messages me out of the blue and asks me to vote for his band on a popular LA MUSIC BLOG, I forget which one. Naturally I was offended that he had the sheer audacity to even ask me such a thing after all these things. But looking on this blog, I notice that another band Susan (on Volar Records) is on the list. Susan is a band that has been playing in LA for years. Susan is a band that Jessica Owen who contributes to my magazine is singer/guitarist of. How could this man, Max Hellman be so insensitive and arrogant to ask me to vote for his band, which I will remind you had only played twice, over SUSAN. It made absolutely no sense.
When it became clear that Max Hellman wasn’t going to get my endorsement he said, he said, “Hey, you’re not going to win any points with us like that” As if Max Hellman and #familyindustries again, who has been directly involved in all these things previously mentioned had any points I would want.
I will state it again, “fuck your points”.
He then stated before his the music video BAT-FACE GIRL in which I spent months animating, and his only input was “I like the colors”, was about to release and now perhaps fearing I would publicly embarrass him, perhaps because I was humiliated by all these actions described above , and I will say even an old high-school acquaintance saw me standing behind this giant heater with a humongous stack of corporate shirts, I was humiliated time and time again by Max Hellman owner of #familyindustries told me “Don’t burn your bridges with your supporters”
Again, somebody would have to explain it to me in depth as I would not understand how a man who I have personally never seen at a single art-show, a single music-show of our friends, only spoke to me in one sentence expressions, allowed his employees to call me “bitch”, “pussy” could dare call ME
500+ likes on Linkedin, All these experiences ( kept at a $13/hour least desirable and respected position at #FamilyIndustries for over a year my “supporter”. Perhaps because he gave me money? Or at least one of his band members did? I still would not consider that actual support, but if that is the way he sees life then I guess it would be okay for him to say but definitely would not convince me.
But then he showed me this review.
I was fooled for a second, even an hour. One of my life goals came true. My name mentioned in Juxtapoz Magazine. I even read the article and found it to be only about me… He said “See?” or something of that nature. Was I being selfish. Is this a necessary evil? Was I again acting like a “bitch” and this man who allowed his company to do all things above a good guy?
But then I realized. This is again playing into the Bro-Deal system that I absolutely despise and think is a plague in the art world. How was this band even reviewed by Juxtapoz Magazine? What is the going on in that again I will state is a internationally renowned magazine that I and many other struggling artists would only dream of being in, how did this magazine ever even hear of Hotel For Strangers, a “LA BAND” as only described. They mentioned Sonny and Sunsets on the review a band for which I have made 5 music videos for. So in a way directly connecting Max Hellman’s music to that of genius songwriter Sonny Smith who I know personally and most definitely does not share Max Hellman’s philosophy in life and would most definitely be as equally disturbed at the happenings in the company that produced the money in which was paid to make said video and music. That is not right. I refuse for them to be associated together, I refuse for this project that caused me so much mental anguish to work on because of all these things mentioned above, I refuse to share any “indie-cred” that Sonny & The Sunsets might have with Hotel For Strangers a band that I again will state has only played 2 shows. How did this happen? How were these things connected? Who does Max know at Juxtapoz Magazine, or who has Max Hellman hired that knows somebody that works at Juxtapoz magaine. This is not how the music industry should work. Money can’t buy respect.
I told Max exactly what I thought of what I would call this another elaborate “sham” much like the marketing strategy used to make his business #FamilyIndustries Family Industries @Familyindustries look “fun” and “cool”. He told me that everybody that works at Family Industries likes “music and art”.
Prove it. Prove you actually understand how insulting all this is to us struggling artists who are living paycheck to paycheck to support our creativity, we do not have a company in which our parents gave us access to a trust account to purchase, we do not have a legacy rooted to Hellman Mayonnaise, we play in punk venues, warehouses, anyway anyhow we can, for this man to somehow have some advantage to get his “band” a “boost being reviewed on Juxtapoz magazine something many of us would only dream of. How did it happen? I would like it explained just as clearly as I have explained it now.
Jose Galvez is employed at Family Industries and you could consider him a minor-celebrity as his band OZMA is well known, Weezer associated band. Again, I will state I listened to an Ozma album in High-school though I have never owned one but I will say Jose was an extremely warm and nice young man. I think so nice he made the big mistake to invite me to a “song writing club” that Max Hellman and his friends were involved in. I had no idea of the existence of this club as it is an exclusive FB group. Which again is the complete opposite philosophy I am implementing in my project where anybody can partake from any part of the world. I can’t promise I will like it, I will only feature or writer about bands/art/comix/films that I in fact have studied, researched and am capable of writing about. There is no such thing as a “exclusive” club for cool kids in the real world. In the real world you play music live, you play in anyway you can I most definitely can assure you from not my only my personal experience but of bands like Latakedown, Susan, Sonny and Sunsets it would take more than 2 performances to be discovered by Juxtapoz Magazine.
I don’t know if anybody noticed that I have been playing songs out in the open on FB for months. Do you know why I did that? I am making a point. This is the secret FB club and anybody can be in it. Not the rich or privileged or well connected as one of Max Hellman’s phrases “LA’s all about connections!” would indicate. I was also making connections in LA by volunteering my time at Real connections in what I would consider the “real art world”
Whatever, again time has passed. My project is doing well. We have made connections with very interesting people with very interesting walks of life, some I could only have dreamed of working with before. Integrity.
My use of social media on @thegremlinquarterly though teased by my friends is in fact working, it is in fact creating a “safe” community for “weirdos” “nerds” “punks” to say whatever they want and be accepted. I notice that throughout Los Angeles many other creative people have become more active in using their social media to link each-other, which is a technique I have been using on @thegremlinquarterly to indicate how connected all these artists are. Not unlike that game “5 degrees of Kevin bacon” or whatever, yes even somebody like Sam Hepburn a syndicated cartoonist in Malaysia, Shannon and the Clams from Oakland, my friend Aaron Olson who has been playing music his entire life, undiscovered artists I genuinely believe with the right level of coaching and encouragement could be just as popular as the other more well known artists can also make money with their creativity. This is the opposite stradegy that I saw implicated while working at @familyindustries where I belittled, where I was made to feel inferior, unworthy of this secret knowledge, I could even call a “secret society”, though I never would have believed such a thing truly existed but maybe in the ramblings of Fat Mike (from NOFX). Maybe Fat Mike from NOFX who is actually a man I greatly admire for his intelligence and contribution to the punk community by creating saw something like I saw while I had my first glimpse at how the LA MUSIC/ART scene operated. Perhaps he was also invited to some sort of private Facebook Song Writing Club. Did he see rich privileged men buying their way into the music industry like I have just detailed above and wrote the song “Secret Society”?
Over the weekend I was using my Social Media to do my work, when I stumbled upon a print company, @HNRCREW on my instagram feed. I saw a print that looked highly familer, we had printed it hundreds of times, I had seen it hundreds of time coming down the conveyer belt of the gigantic heater in which I, Teppei Ando stood for over a year catching shirts for #Honda #comiccon #TMOBIL , I saw the exact same image being printed.
The Company’s profile states “the originators of Live screenprinting Since 2005”. The orginators? I had no idea the company I was working at in which Max Hellman was the “sucessful business man”, the “machine” was not the orginal. I honestly thought Max Hellman and Alex Meiner must have been truly brilliant businessmen and though I did not respect that they used screen-printing in a way merely to make profit I did respect that they figured out a way to use “art” to make $$$, something that is quite difficult to accomplish actually/sadly/unfortunately….
This company that made me feel like an “idiot”, “pussy” “bitch” is not even THEIR IDEA.
“I assume you’re referring to FAMILY INDUSTRIES or INK+COTTON (nice name) who are the biggest biters I’ve ever seen. Good to hear they are shitty on the inside. Yuk those guys suuuuuuuuuuucccckkk” . And yes I can prove they said that. And they also said, “We took those guys on a tour once and they quit their jobs to copy us. Now when we see them they act like its all cool but they are clueless”
I was so infuriated by this discovery that I had to look onto @familyindustries SM media page and to my absolute #horror I found that they were not only using the exact same Social Media strategy I was using linking all these companies they work with together but even have gone as far as tagging “cool” bands like ISLANDS to their company. Yes. ISLANDS is most definitely cool not “cool”, IMHO. Nicholas Thorburn is a genius . I am absolutely in love with every single music project he has been apart of. So why would this man be connected to @familyindustries in any way which I have clearly expressed above does not meet my personal standards of artistic integrity let alone has demonstrated the understanding of basic #humanrights. How are they connected? Are they not? Doesn’t matter? Does nothing matter?
So in closing, my complaint suggests that
A) #familyindustries needs to take legal action to implicate strong workers rights policys to protect employees like Johnny Erentreich, Antwon Jackson, Nick Perry, Zack, Richi JOJO the employees who treated me like a human being, and make sure they have just as right to the “connections” that every single employee has or at least access to train with actual management in place to make sure they understand the standards their company #familyindustries apperently has but do not discuss with their employees in any intellectual way, like again clearly weren’t things offered to me during my 1+ year working there.
I do believe legally Johnny should have just as much right to be sent to Comic Con as Karen or Bobby or whoever it is that does meet their standards. Yes even Adam who was I will state very warm and friendly to me needs to understand he can’t keep these “Live Gigs” as some kind of system to reward some, keep others in the dark, that is most definitely not an okay way to run an internationally successful company.
I would like a real apology from Max Hellman coowner of this internationally sucessful company whose only words to me were “it is what it is” “sorry it had to happen” and finally “I don’t have to explain it to you”
I am legally requesting that Max Hellman owner of @familyindustries that he legally is required to explain it to me, to Johnny, to Nick, to anybody else that makes him uncomfortable because they have thoughts and feelings he apparently cannot understand or at least has zero interest to. Yes he does need to “explain it to you” and to me and anybody else that has been hurt/humuliated/abused by his brand which now using “indie rock” to make his place appear glamorous and cool when again I will state from my personal experience is anything but. That is #fraud that is #manipulation that is not how it actually is.
I have spent the past year, past months after being fired, I’m sorry “let go” from #familyindustries for reasons not expressed in any legally binding way, then told to “get help”, given no form of counseling provided by company in which caused and is still currently causing me emotional and mental anguish, and I assure you I am not being “dramtic” when I tell you I am actually losing sleep over all these things that transpired, working on my own project, @thegremlinquarterly
to now be further insulted when the company hired as “Social Media” which I can’t promise but I bet could potenitally be proven has seen my @thegremlinquarterly instagram feed and is now using it to make their company look “quirky” and “cool”.
Have I explained in depth why that is troublesome to me? this company that apparently has the complete opposite philosophy of me as far as I see it where the “cool” and “chill” employees are rewarded and the intelligent employees who perhaps feel like they have nowhere else to go are kept in the dark left in the “shop”, wondering why their employees do not like them. Believe me, if I don’t like you, I can clearly tell you why.
No you do not belong in the same community as I until you are willing to accept us. And by us I mean the poor, the weird, the strange, the quirky, the desperate. The real art world as I see it would not only accept these people but reward them.
So in closing I will remind you again for #familyindustries, to sue me for #slander as I have already been threatened by several people who probably are only protecting me from myself , Max Hellman and Alex Meiner owners of #familyindustries would have to prove that everything I have outlined here and can prove is not true. Or am I again “confused” as Max Hellman put it in our final conversation?
#familyindustries needs to take legal action, the federal goverment perhaps needs to investigate how this “La is all about connections” logic actually works, and Juxtapoz magazine would have to explain how they got mixed into this. And yes because I have spent the past year publishing this free-to-public paper much like my philosopies would suggest, everybody who contributed to thus far are directly connected to me and can act as character witness to whether I have the ability to work at a level higher than “QC GUY” and whether I am a man of my word, flattering or not should an investigation to any #slander charges should arise. And I will finally state I have accomplished this without anything more than my brain, my “connections”, my insight and money I have made while driving as a Lyft Driver around LA .Does this make sense? The guy that was making $13 hours as QC guy did all this and now he can legally request for you, #familyindustry to take action.
And yes anybody can join conversation at anytime and I will respond to you nothing but the whole truth.
-Teppei Ando, editor of thegremlinquarterly former QC guy at #familyindustry

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Gremlin Features


Feature articles on our wonderful contributors and links to see more of their work.

Gremlin Feature 26- Kara Joslyn
I’ve known Kara a LONG time. Since High School. Yet, I definitely never had to nailed down. Even though she was one of my life-bff John Arana’s neighbor, and though she would occasionally sit by that big weird art-piece me and my crew (post-HS somebody I knew said it was a clique… I don’t know, I could describe it in a much more complicated but (nope) won’t)) hung out at, she was on a way different path. I don’t even know honestly, I know she hung out with Justin Bisop Aaron Vaughan a lot and they were pretty interesting. And then she shows up at the Oakland college all my friends were at (I was in SF), and then suddenly she was this “new girl” that several of y aquaintes had crushes on, even asked me about.
“Who Kara? From my highschool?… Uhh.. Hm, I dunno what to say”.
Maybe that was the apeal. In college it was the same, knew each-other, interacted once in awhile, but I honestly felt we were both kind of defensive around each other, it generally felt Sassy. I could be wrong. I kind of remember accidentally mentioning the “colors” in her paintings and she was like “Don’t you mean Black and White?” and I then I thinking “why do I talk ever?”
I think even Post-Art School this level of friendliness continued, I recall seeing Kara working at the Art Store and thinking “sucker” but then never seeing her there again. Then I hear she opened a gallery next to Smokey’s Tangle and I thought “Huh… That’s interesting. That place is super cool”. And then suddenly she’s popping up all over the internet doing drawing nights and group shows and I was like “I didn’t know Kara was outgoing.” I knew she was sassy, but that’s a little different. She was getting Art-Nerdy, which she probably always was but I never got to see it in action before.
Then she was gone again, moved to SD, she was accepted for MFA program at UCSD. Then I didn’t hear about her for while. Until then out of nowhere I start seeing these black and white painting series popping up all over the internet… And I was then thinking “Woah… These are so sick…”.
I’m not exactly sure what that MFA program put her through but I can only imagine it took desipline to power through it. And it shows. Her recent works look like tight unified collection of work.some of her work were just aquired by Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, which is an amazing feat right outta school.
I am super stoked to at long last to have crossed paths creatively with Kara on my terms, Comix style, as she made a magificant contribution to Gremlin Vol 3 (Romantico). I look forward to keeping up with Kara’s undoubtedly long career

Gremlin Feature 25- Mary Delioussina25-maryd

Here’s Gremlin 3 debut artist, Mary Delioussina,  working on one of her paintings…
Mary almost seems childlike when she talks about working on art, so animated and full of joy. She currently works as a graphic designer by day and when she first was hired at her fancy office she was like “I don’t know about these posers… ” but a week into the gig repented “Ohhhh, I feel so bad now. Everybody there’s so nice to meee. I’m just sitting around making graphics and eating snacks all day”.
Hopefully she can just make exactly what she wants to make as a day job one day, but honestly I can’t feel bad about her choice of gig while sun is up. She seems pretty ready to work on her dreams while on her own time.
I met Mary at one of Daniel Rohlnik’s street festival. Seeing me walk up with merch tabel and goodies in hand, she took no hesitation in scotting her set up over so there could be room for me. I remember thinking, “what a cnsiderate young lady”. That day was particularly fun because of Mary’s chill-vibes and cooky sense of humor. She knew nothing about me but was very friendly and warm in her dialouge and I knew I’d want to reach out to her in the future. With her Gremlin debut she contributed not only her own comic-strip but co-interviewed Shannon & the Clams w me on our MUSIX section on the back of the publication.
Enjoying the style of her work and knowledge of cult films and art, plus just being a chill cool person I’ve asked Mary to come back as a Gremlin Regular.

Gremlin Feature 24- Tanya Brodsky

With The Gremlin Quartery vol 3 (ROMANTICO), I’m going to try a new thing in the paper with what I will personally call even if nobody else does… (drumroll) GREMLIN WALL
The GREMLIN WALL is/are the 2 pages in the center of the paper that opens up to one single piece of paper, which could for instance be hung on your wall as if it were a single Print. A particular person might hang the GREMLIN WALL on their wall because the GREMLIN WALL is where pieces that feel like they would look nice on a real-lie Gallery Wall will cluster. Not saying that other Gallery-Style pieces won’t exist outside of the GREMLIN WALL, it’s just fun to have a single space and curate a wall for more “Fine Art” pieces to work off each other’s energies. Fun right? Did anybody notice how many times I said GREMLIN WALL? Yeah, I worked in custo… .(we get it, move on). You’ll have to find out which artists made it onto this first attempt at the GREMLIN WALL when you get your copy of Gremlin Vol 3, but I can and will reveal that @TanyaBrodsky will be on it for sure.
I don’t know Tanya personally, she was referred to me by my friend, Kara Joslyn, who is doing great on the Fine-Art Hustle so I trusted her opinion. And Tanya nailed it out of the park with her contribution, it’s beautiful. And how appropriate for her to be on the GREMLIN WALL when her Gallery Showing credits include…Art Catalogues, LACMA, Museum of Contemporary Art, Woodbury University, High Desert Test Sites and many many more… Her CV is simple, credits only. Because I don’t know the artist well enough to speak about her/for her I’m going to just present her work and say I find them extremely stunning to absorb and seems like an artist who could really take control of the space presented for her.

Gremlin Feature 23- Justin Gabbard

Looking forward to printing this dude’s work in the new Gremlin.
I will say I approached him both for his talents but also for personal reasons. In Art school I don’t think we liked each other much due to a story that would be more half-entertaining for some people half “Aint nobody wants to hear ittttt” for others so I’ll skip it. I remember quite a few sass-attacks back and forths, and then a realization of how dedicated this kid was, and coming to some kind of understanding.
I recall quite clearly peaking into what was going on in @J_gabb ‘s world, and seeing how much work he was producing even then, and with so much range. Not sure what was/is his personal Rosebud but the kid was HUNGRY. I still like to give props to Caitlin Kuhwald as the Queen of Illustration from that time cause she was running out the gate (Sorry guys, she earned it), but gotta say keeping up with Justin’s journey through his work while living in NY and now back in the Bay has been reall interesting to watch.
He’s done work for very high-end clients like WIRED, MICROSOFT, New Yorker and on and on.
His illustrations feel very modern, and feels very much like he does his homework, progressing his techniques, experimenting with colors, typography, anything to keep the audience engaged.
I know at the moment he has a full-time job creating Illustrations and Designs for Google. Can’t imagine what that’s like, I’d imagine its very demanding work, with much more people to keep happy then all those rad band art he’s made, where satisfaction of a job well done is easier and done with much more freedom. He’s got kids, a family though so he’s gotta be man enough to step up to a big-boy job like that.
Hopefully with his contribution to The Gremlin 3 he can enjoy a little of that fun energetic world of punk and music that I’m pretty sure he enjoys quite a bit. Don’t gotta do full-time jobs forever, printwork is always gonna be there when life gives you enough time to take your time and really enjoy your craft exactly how you want to. From what I’ve seen of what he’s done with Google looks super cool tho. That year of the Monkey piece was tiiiighhhtttt
Thanks dude.

Gremlin Feature 22- Kelly C Brown
Kelly C Brown, along w her work. Kelly is juggling A LOT. On top of real life living of working full-time jobby job, she has her hands full being a Rad Mom (meaning buying her kids skateboards, letting them play with her and her husbands instruments, taking them to art shows etc), while painting and creating Post-Modern Punk Goth music w her new band Esses
She says it’s the best sounding band she’s ever been and the hard work definitely shows when listening to it, shit sounds good, I actually listen to it (their new record, No Lights In This Fire) a lot. It’s dark but Glammy, meaning I have fun listening to it. It’s catchy. It rocks me out so it’s done it’s job as far as me a music liker is concerned. I’m sure there’s tons of subtle nods to the underground punk scene her and Kevin nerd out in.
Kelly mentioned thinking about going back to school for her visual art. I’d imagine she’d want to put her paintings in front of the more intellectual High-Art viewers types, so I guess she’d want to be able to know what she’s talking about when she discusses influences in her art.
I could imagine her experimenting and learning within a class can do wonders for her, extra if she can be disciplined to try new techniques… But she’s been making great work so far underground, and I could also see her just renting out some books from the library, keep on going to readings, galleries and doing what she’s doing being involved and doing well. I don’t know. That’s kind of a world i only creep in and out of. I don’t think you need a degree to prove you are an intellectual, you can do anything if you put your mind on it really. I definitely like to know what I personally am talking about when I talk about things I work in, and when I don’t I don’t even bother pretending I know, I just look ignorant and mabye slightly bored. Can you imagine my face when all my woodworking friends would talk about their work? Probably a lot like my old man when I talk about everything that goes behind what I do. But I don’t know.
Band, sounds good, she’s in the groove. She’s doing alright.

Gremlin Feature 21- David Ball
I think I may have mentioned before that the Art School I attended was very heavily focused on commercial art (Again, not making a judgement), but I did have a few teachers who were very encouraging of my work, even saying things like “It may take you 10-20 years to find success but I think you will if you keep going your path”. One of the most supportive teachers I found there was @DavidMBall . He taught “Eccentric Illustration”, which of course caught my eye in the class cataloge. I vaguley remember my first impression of David was that he was slightly surly and confident in something like a Professor Snape kind of way. He spoke bluntly but graded fairly, his assignments would often challenge students to try new mediums or ways of approaching illustration. I recall making a few pretty terrible pieces like my 3-d illustration I made using random supplies I got at East Bay Depot For Creative Reuse. But even in that piece which was truly ugly, David found something there of interest often making short but profound remarks.
Though of course the moment of truth wouldn’t reveal itself until we as a class finally got to see this mysterious character’s work. I do remember the day he brought in slides of his work, it was maybe the 2nd to last class of the semester. I was blown away. I didn’t know what to expect but what I saw it was really hard to tell whether they were collages or paintings. His mixed media works were emotional and expressive yet tight, works of a master.
The one assignment I felt I really nailed was working with clay-board, which I fell in love with, and used exclusively on a solo show years later that David himself curated. It felt great to show how much better I was able to control the medium, and get some approval from a teacher I admired and remembered well. And now I am further honored that David is contributing a grand piece to Vol 3 of The Gremlin Quarterly. Once he agreed (actually took a little convincing to try this medium), he was the first to deliver his piece and it is a stunning contribution I am very eager to print. Thank you David, a once mentor and now friend.

Gremlin Feature 20- Sam Hepburn
I’m normally not a fan of online comics, I prefer to read comics in physical form, tho I’ve heard there are many great ones out there.

Having said that, I’ve been really endeared by Sam Hepburn’s comic strips. They are always witty, heartfelt and very streamlined in execution. I would maybe use the word “Adorkable ” when describing her tone. There is a nice balance of cute, and doomed that I really enjoy reading on a daily basis. Kind of a like a quick fix to those little emotional hiccups or bursts of self doubt. Sam’s work is honest and self deprecating without ever being weighed down by despair, quite the contrast, her drawings gives me feelings of hope.

And what? She does work in print because her comic strips hv been getting syndicated! So officially living the dream, busting ass to meet deadlines all the time.
And to make the experience even better Sam is very friendly and sweet, often chatting with her fans and sharing her thoughts and feelings. In short, she’s cool. Good things ought come to good cool people.

Here’s an interesting fact… Sam worked as a copywriter for an ad agency for years before setting off to follow where her talents would lead her. I personally love stories like that. And she’s actually managing to pull it off. One strip at a time…
Who knows where she’ll be in another few years…
Thanks for the pick me ups, Sam. Look forward to seeing you in pages of Gremlin vol 3. I hear she might try to venture away from her signature AGENCY X storyline. I wonder what she’ll come up with!

Gremlin Feature 19- Gaby Felten
I went to school in SF but hung out more at the art school in Oakland, feeling more comfortable with the eccentric types there rather than the commercial orientated goals of my own school (both have their merits, I’m not making a judgement here. In fact I’ve been trying to find balance between 2 sides of creativity for years). One of the people I remember most clearly from the Oakland school is @gabyfelten . She was in the acquaintance category for sure, knew her enough she gave me one of those endorsements on Friendster, but not intimately that we hung out outside of parties much. Though I do remember going on a couple bike rides, and her fixing my bike. I also very clearly remember her loving Tom Waits and her talking in depth about loving to watch the trains go by (insert Tom Waits- TRAIN SONG here)

Gaby Felten was a great illustrator, I remember her animal rights painting series being very tight and emotional. More so I remember how kind and warm she was to people around her, the kind of person people would approach to talk to about they’re feelings and frustrations and not being turned away.
It was such a pleasure to reconnect with her and find she has a very similar and good habit of mine to write long rambling stream-of-conscious letters. I love when people are able to do that, makes me feel more comfortable to be totally open myself.
Gaby had moved to the Netherlands in 2007 and from what I can gather she sounds like the same Gaby, describing her first years there as everyone her age was married and she was like “Yo! Where are all the punk shows at??”. After sometime she seems to have found her community again and has been creating a lot of artwork, much more conceptual than her early illustration work. As you can see on her website, her work is still very largley fighting for political rights, trying new ways to ger her point across.
The Gremlin Vol 2.

Gremlin Feature 18- Liz Dunning

The Gremlin Quarterly is brought to you in part by Liz Dunning ( Design & Woodwork. In fact none of this would be possible without her. This drawing desk I do all my work on was handmade by her as a gift when I only had a nightstand in-which to draw on and we were jogging partners and she’d tell me all about her life pit-stops and I would just tell her the entire plot of Deer Hunter because I was a depressed banker. In fact I had given up drawing to try and be a normal working man, at the point I had met Liz. She heard I drew comics and asked me to draw comics for her parents, I forgot what function. Fathers day? One of these family stories I will be performing tomorrow on Dromebox 10pm I believe.
After that we embarked on an insane adventure of drawing out this drawn out friendship she had with a strange man named Marty into a graphic novel. We went from 6-pgers to an 80 pg saga. I think the volcano must have been plugged in for me and Liz is a chatty patty so there was plenty of details. I still think it’s one of the masterpiece projects I have been associated with.
Thank you for giving me the needs in which I can do my work. You are one of the very hardest working people I know and so passionate about what you do. Thank you for being alive

Gremlin Feature 17- Tommy Busch


Mark this down on a sticky-pad. We will screen contributor,@tomtombuschmeister ‘s feature film, BROOKLYN UNEMPLOYED about a struggling comix artist here in LA before the end of the year. It’s gonna happen.
Written by Tommy Busch & James Arrabito
Directed by: James Arrabito
Everybody knows and loves Tommy. I think Tommy has been spending a lot of time living to enrich his music and perspective. He lived in New York for many years and currently he’s back in Oakland as the cycle of life can sometimes bring you full circle. But then that circle can have a leak. Could be a large leak if poured out right. I want to do anything I can to help this humble, gentle man get his work out where emotional, deep thinking people like him can appreciate his beautiful thoughts.
Look out for Tommy’s next Gremlin comic strip coming up in the sophomore issue. I look forward to a long working relationship with this funny, intelligent, kind man.

Gremlin Feature 16- Kelly Froh & Max Clotfelter

I’m am F’n Stoked to have 2 such inspirational figures both showing new comix in the next issue ofThe Gremlin Quarterly. I almost thought it would be inappropriate to write about them together just because they are a power couple, but it seemed almost just as unfair not to point out how lucky we are to have them both in one place.
Kelly & Max are 2 of the most prolific forces of good in the Seattle Underground Comix Scene. Kelly works tirelessly to organize Short Run Seattle Comix & Arts festival each year and Max Clotfelter is one of the main hustlers for Intruder Comics, a comix newspaper magazine featuring Seattle’s hottest modern underground comic talent. But charity work aside, both are uncanny producers of work.
I might say Kelly has a softer touch in her artistic craft then Max’s dirty and vulgar approach to storytelling, but that would not be an accurate description when examining all the nuanced darkness in Kelly’s brand of humor. Her tales of her overly cheap grandparents had me rolling on the floor (ok, couch) laughing. And Max’s mind can go from amusingly humiliating to downright terrifying. Lucky that 2 such amazing talents can work and support each other to do so many great things.
When I went to Short Run, I felt more welcomed by the zine community there then I have ever felt before, due to the raw energy in their works. There was punk in the art and stories there, something I have wanted to feel like I belonged in for quite some time. When I got back to LA I longed for such a supportive group of people to create work with. It was with a lot of soul searching that I began the foundations of The Gremlin project. Sometimes you gotta build your own church if you want to do some preaching.
Both Kelly and Max were nothing but supportive and open with advice on how to get connect our project with readers, and I am so proud to have them both contribute work to our sophomore issue.
Thanks Kelly & Max, you guys are wonderful.

Gremlin Feature 15- Ellen Greider

Another interesting aspect of the Gremlin project is it’s potential to connect with artists from other parts of the world. Case in point this talented young woman from Swedin, Ellen Greider (@ellengrrr ). I have been thoroughly enjoying her work from her Instagram page and was happy that she accepted my invitation to make a comic for our 2nd issue, coming soon.
Her style is very graphic and straight forward with some goth/punk whimsy. Just the kind of work I can see translating to a rad mural on a cafe wall…. Now, If only I can read Swedish… because her comix look very personal, emotional, maybe humorous too? Just my cup of coffee! Dang!
Well, lucky for us. Her comic for The Gremlin Vol 2 is in English!!! Look forward to it.

Gremlin Feature 14- Edo Rosenblith

Remember when I said if Alika Cooper gives me advice I will take into serious consideration?
Well, I’m very excited to have Edo Rosenblith making a comic for the 2nd vol of The Gremlin Quarterly, an artist recommended by Alika.
His stuff looks amazing. Kind of reminds me of early MAD, CRACKED or even WEIRDO (which was influenced by the other 2 listed anyways) in style, very illustrative, dark, sureal with a touch of humor.
Looking forward to seeing what Edo comes up with… I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

Gremlin Feature 13- Jim Tozzi

The internet is an interesting thing. April Wolfe (contributor) compared it recently to Jedi/Darkside power, you can use it for good or you can use it for bad. When you’re using it for good you can make some very interesting connections.
Case in point, Jim Tozzi, I didn’t know who he was and I have yet to meet him in person. But we connected via, Instagram and I found that he was very supportive of my postings and enjoying his artwork I returned his. I invited him to contribute to The Gremlin Quarterly based solely on the drawings and paintings he had been posting, not knowing how much he has already accomplished as an artist.
I didn’t know that Jim designed the puppet for Wonder Showzen or that he produced the Adult Swim show, Xavier: Renegade Angel. Or that he has directed commercials for Miller Lite, TV Land, Playstation or even that has direted music videos for Moby and Mercury Rev.
All that I did know was that he seemed very friendly and professional and engaging with him has been nothing but a pleasure. And that he continues to create interesting art that mixes dark, often sexual themes with child-like images ala, Sesame street or Disney.
Recently I met with some folks that were interested in working with The Gremlin on some broadcast work, and mentioned being big fans of Jim’s work. So whatever he’s doing he’s been doing something right. And his following seems to be well deserved! Very nice having you on-board, Jim. Looking forward to your next comic. You’re first in Vol.1 was rad.

Gremlin Feature 12- LA Takedown

I want to tell you about one of our regular contributors, @LA_Takedown . LA TAKEDOWN is a band led by @aaronmolson which features musical talents Stephen Heath, Jonah Olson, Ryan Adlaf, Jessica Espeleta and the Wintner Brothers (Miles & Moses). It is a project that developed as a loving tribute to the soundtrack scores of Michael Mann Movies (HEAT, MIAMI VICE, MAN HUNTER) while maintaining Aaron Olson’s personal musical aesthetics he has been developing over a lifetime of dedication to his craft.
They have recently signed to @ribbonmusic and put out their first LP. An amazing self titled 1 track album. How does that even work, you might ask. Well, if you own the record you will find that Aaron brilliantly composed the song to have a intermission-like rest just at the point you would flip to Side B. It’s a gorgeous listen that after listening to it probably 67 times already I have yet to get tierd of.
LA TAKEDOWN graciously agreed to be an ongoing part of The Gremlin Quarterly Project, collaborating with @barbarianbloodbrother for an ongoing series which also pays nod to the Michael Mann influences. In this case, each strip features a story-line based on one of the more forgettable side-characters in the film, HEAT. In vol 1, the story focuses on the boss of Donald Breedan’s boss at the Diner he is working at while being paroled.
Look to The Gremlin Quarterly vol 2 to find which minor character becomes a star of their own comicstrip next…

Gremlin Feature 11- Alika Cooper


I’ve known Alika for quite some time now. Originally, all I knew of her was that she was a quiet girl from the dodge-ball games we used to have that one of my friends had a crush on. I didn’t really feel like I got to know her at all until I started following her artwork. I remember being impressed immediately. Her paintings were so deceptively simple, portraits and landscapes mainly but each one carried a haunting vault of emotions, colors and brush strokes I didn’t see in other young artists. I remember also, a mutual acquaintance of ours spoke badly of her before I got to know her, but I was much more drawn by her artwork then his so I ignored his opinions.
I’m glad I did, because Alika is a very intelligent, sensitive and ballsy woman whose artwork continues to evolve, yet always unmistakably always hers.
At one point she had an art show in SF where she made a surprising decision to stop working in paint, instead opting to work with fabric. I think my immediate reaction was, “Uh, what?”, but I nodded in support. I seem to recall that first show had a few mixed receptions from respectable persons. But it was most likely just growing pains as all doubt I had was distinguished shortly thereafter. I watched her new technique begin to take shape, her pieces begin to resemble those gouache paintings I loved so much. The composition, the shapes, the fabric limited paint gestures only now more dynamic with color and patterns. Alika has true artistic talent and she knows what she’s doing.
Aside from her work, I admire Alika as a person. She’s always been very honest and straight forward with me, showing me great support, buying my comix, introducing me to key people in my own work, participating in shows I’ve curated, even making poster artwork for one of my animated films (Deadly Garden). When I see her roam around the Los Angeles art crowd I can tell others feel the same. I’ve heard the phrase “She’s rad” from many-a-people I’ve mentioned her name to, probably because Alika carries herself like someone that doesn’t give a fuck what people think. She likes to throw words like “punk” and “grunge” occasionally, I’d say they are very fitting.

I respect Alika and will always take her advice and opinions in serious consideration, and always a fan of her artwork. When I first thought about beginning The Gremlin, she was the first person I reached out to. “Am I crazy? Am I stupid to be doing this?”. Her response “Comix Collective? Sounds pretty rad to me.”, and offered to contribute work to it. That was enough for me.
Thanks Alika, my friend and senpai.

Gremlin Feature 10- Jonah Olson

Jonah has worked in many different mediums in his life as an artist. When I first met him he was deeply in love with photography.
When I look at Jonah’s recent work, mostly mixed media on Tywek, what I read is his love for texture and his love for nature. To me, it feels like I’m reading illustrated journals on the gigantic hikes he loves to take. In fact, when I first approached him about the Gremlin he wasn’t sure what he would make. I suggested a possible comix strip that documented the epic trails he leads people on. When I think of Jonah, I see a born leader.
Jonah loves his tunes. The man has the largest record collection of anyone else in my core group. When I go to his house it’s fun to just chill and flip through  his 7″ boxes, so many sweet looking covers.
I remember last time I was there he was saying “Uh I’m trying to be careful of what I’m buying. I don’t even have time to listen to these records! Why do I have all these records??”
Well, I think as far as collections go, it’s a pretty damn good one. And I’m sure they come in handy when he’s out there DJing. Yes, that is one of his musical passions. As well as curating Funk Fests (2nd Annual Modern Funk Fest, May 13th @theechola , performing in BARFTH , LA Takedown, FALA and of course karaoke!

Gremlin Feature 9- Spencer Hicks

I knew little about Spencer when I met him. I knew he used to date a colleague of mine, and I have to admit I found it surprising. That colleague is loud, Spencer seemed really quiet. I was told he had a band, Spencey Dude & The Doodles and I thought “huh, probably something really random, whatever”. It wasn’t until I saw one of his comic strips on his FB page that I took notice. I read 1, then 2, an then like everything I could find. They are brilliantly pitch black in humor and the punchlines are always perfect. Most are slice of life moments, random and self deprecating portraits of a a man fucked for life.
My addiction was getting so bad I couldn’t see one of his non comic posts without having to read it. In fact the other night at a party I couldn’t help but recite one of his apparent Diary entries that somehow leaked onto his FB page, in which he describes his walk to work, being assaulted by vagrant. He tested the defense of simply say “Chill Man!”, and was surprised to find the solution to be effective and continued to walk to work with the vagrant walking behind him. He was hoping everybody would see how cool he was for not having to look behind him to keep tabs on the vagrant but in reality Spencer was carefully watching the vagrant’s actions by the shadow cast by the sun behind them. The story continues, but in my retelling I kept breaking into uncontrollable laughter, with my party-mates saying “What? Wait what? I’m just watching you laugh”
I think Spencer Hicks is a diamond in the rough. I’ve read many comix in my day and IMO his comics are hilarious. From his illustrated recantations of his “Intellectual” coworker’s dialogues to his arguments with his girlfriend, Sonia Hayden (also a Gremlin contributor) I can’t get enough of his stuff and so happy to have him onboard as a regular contributor.
Spencer also has started a record/book publication which you can visit at where you can pick up his comix, currently available in hard-print.

Gremlin Feature 8- Marci Washington

There are a lot of windows in Marci’s works, abandoned hospitals, mysterious mansions, dark seemingly empty homes, always only a glimpse to the story she’s telling. The picture she paints does not allude to a happy ending. But if her art acted as a window to her as a person, I would say you’d be pleasantly surprised. I’ve been friends with her for many years and can say she is one of the most genuine, sweet and kind persons I’ve ever met. The misfit Christmases she’d host almost every year for the suckers without a family close by to spend the holiday with were stuff of legends, her Halloween costumes, always the best but above all I find endearing is her loyalty to her friends.
I’ll give you 2 examples. Once at a zinefest a hapless young lady walked away with one of my publications without paying ($3 only but hella rude). I was willing to let it go cause shit happens, but not Marci. Enter Bulldog Marci, she snuck off to “use the bathroom” and when she returned she had the thieving young lady with her. “I think you were going to pay for that zine, huh?”. I was so embarrassed but also very impressed and touched. Another example, we have a member in our rouges gallery who is infamous for her unique karaoke style. Everybody loves it but one night at a karoke bar some bro started to aggressively heckle while she was performing. “Dude, you’re fucking up my favorite song! You’re fucking up my favorite song”. Oh boy, Bulldog Marci wasn’t having any of that! She leaped at him like some deranged panther, screaming “You don’t ever talk to my friend like that! This is her song, don’t you dare try to ruin her turn! We love her!!”. That totally sealed her true character to me, and as far as I’m concerned Marci can do no wrong as a human. Plus her art’s super dope.
Marci was kind enough to create a comic for the debut issue The Gremlin and you can find it right on the front page, looking stunning and wicked! We love you Bulldog Marci!

Gremlin Feature 7- Sonny Smith
If there ever was a musician who exisits in the world of underground comix, it would be Sonny. Though in recent years his songs have gained respect and admiration, having bands like The Shins covering his tracks, it wasn’t always gravy for him. He struggled for many years, performing and recording songs that saw little to no attention. Even then, creating masterpiece albums like Fruitvale and This Is My Story, This Is My Song .
The tides began to to turn when he created the ambitious project 100 records, where he recorded 100 songs and had accalimed artists such as  Ed Ruscha, Esther Pearl Watson, William Wylie, Chris Johanson, Tucker Nichols, Emily Prince and many many more create the record art.
This is when I met Sonny, introduced by our mutual friend Alika and due to my comix making ways, Sonny brought me on to create comix illustrations for a documentary being created about his life up to that point. Sadly, the documentary has yet to be released publicly, but it began my love affair with his song writing. Songs like Broom & Dustpan, Weird Fantasy & Strange Adventure, Bad Cop showed such a dynamic range, pain, humor, charm, romance, suspense were intertwined in these records. I thought to myself, this guy is the real deal and have colloborated with him many times since out of admiration for the work.
Soon after, Sonny broke through the indierock scene with his album, Tomorrow is Alright and has been putting out consistently compelling work since.
His new album, Moods Baby Moods is to be released next month and their new video for Well But Strangley Hung Man dropped yesterday. I watched it 3 times in 1 setting, it’s rad.
Sonny and current Sunsets bassist, Shayde Sartin, created a comic for Gremlin vol 1, and we’re expecting them back for vol 2. There’s even a rumor of a new comix themed project in Sonny’s mind… fingers crossed.

Gremlin Feature 6- Justin Greenwood6JustinG
Back in the art school days I spent most of my time in Oakland being incorrectly mistaken for a student at the more artsy school on the Eastside of bay.
The school I actually went to was in SF which was much more about discipline, structure at the cost of maybe individual creativity. I was called “Tim Burton” more than a few times, not all that flattering. My only real friend at my school was Justin Greenwood. We had several classes together and we’d often be in the back of the room. He had an outgoing personality but always had a book in hand, and we would nerd out on Tom Waits albums or interesting movies. It was always a pleasure to share a class with him, somebody I could have a deep conversation with. At the time his focus was to be an illustrator but I always had a feeling he’d get into comic books with his knack for action and drama.
Justin has been working feverishly on titles for Oni Press and then also Image comics on such books like Stumptown, FUSE, Resurrection & Stingers.
He is hard on himself which is in his work’s benefit as his skills have grown tenfold since the artschool days. I’ve asked him when he’s planning to hit up Marvel or DC but he says at the moment he is very happy working on independent titles. He has a long career ahead of him so I’m sure there’ll be plenty of time to draw Wolverine or Batman, Sandman or whoever else he’d like to take a stab at. His current more genre fused crime books are pretty bad ass.
It did not surprise me in the least that he took no hesitation to agree to create a strip for the debut issue of The Gremlin Quarterly.
I’m constantly impressed by his work ethic, both him and his (awesome) wife Melissa.
Miss you, Melissa, Laney & Cary so much!!

Gremlin Feature 5- Antwon Jackson
I met Antwon when I first moved to LA and at first I didn’t know what to think, he seemed kind of quiet but was eyeing me while me and this other gentleman were having long conversations about various topics. I was thinking “Oh boy, does he want to kick my ass or something? I certainly hope not, he looks bigger than me”. Turns out he’s a super smart, super hilarious and super talented print maker full of epically hilarious stories of the ups and downs of living in the city, trying to hold on to a sense of integrity while having to bust ass to pay the rent each month.
I honestly was so shell shocked transitioning to living in LA I’m not sure if I could have made it through without Antwon cracking me up on a daily basis. I can’t even count how many genius catch phrases we came up with out of sheer silliness. He’s been hustling with his own print making company, Good Karma Prints ( and I would love for him to continue to grow his business and stay true to his own voice.
Though he made an illustration for Gremlin Vol 1, we had the brilliant idea to collaborate on future projects to capitalize on his great storytelling and sense of humor. Hope I can do justice to his tales. I repeated his stories to quite a few of my friends and they were like “Who is this guy??”. Well, soon the world will find out. He’s a pretty rad dude.

Gremlin Feature- 4  Matt Hewitt4Matt
Matt is a personal favorite, a gem, whose creative output is outstanding. He has created over 75 short films over the years as well as epic music videos for LA Takedown and Barfth. His recent feature length films have shown extensive growth as a filmmaker. In films like Daddy’s Boys and A Goodly Way he displays Coen-esq humor and horror intertwined within a gallery of eccentric characters and situations. His pop-culture inspired drawings are equally as enjoyable as they are off putting.
In the Gremlin Quarterly he shows off his masterful approach to comix making. In Vol. 1 he created not 1, not 2 but 3 comics, he illustrated his own, a collaboration with L.A. Takedown and also a SEE/HEAR/READ 7″ record comic limited to 50 copies in existence.
As a comix maker he previously created the brutal CORKY BURGER, his sophomore graphic novel, BIKER PARTY will be released soon in full color.

Gremlin Feature- 3 Jessica Owen
Jessica’s work ethic is uncanny. As a costume designer she has created works for such high profile clients as Ty Segall, Tenacious D and Kim Kardashian. As an illustrator she has worked on cult shows such as Documentary Now & Comedy Bang Bang and for bands such as Feels & Peach Kelli Pop. If that weren’t enough she is currently busy rocking out with her own band Susan and formerly for L.A. TAKEDOWN. Oh, ho, that’s not even the end of it. Now she creates comic strips for The Gremlin Quarterly, her first in Vol 1 and she will again return for Vol 2. You’re on fire, Jessica!

Gremlin Feature 2- April Wolfe

April is an incredibly active writer in the Los Angeles community. A journalist, essayist, fiction writer, music writer, screenwriter, film director, editor, and designer she is also the founder and producer of the One Axe Plays collective from Women’s Center for Creative Work. And now she can add comic-strip writer to her resume as she created a tricktracts style comix for The GremlinQuarterly vol. 1
Apirl recently announced that she has been hired as staff movie review writer for LA WEEKLY and is currently working on a novel.

Gremlin Feature 1- Brendan Monroe

Brendan created a comic featured on the front page of The Gremlin Quarterly’s first issue. Brendan is an enormous talent creating master works in print, paint, sculpture and recently have been taking mural commissions all over the world. Of his work he says, “I think it’s important to constantly challenge oneself with new ideas and new mediums. My interpretations of the world are mostly rooted in science then executed through painting and sculpting”. You can see more of Brendan’s amazing work at

Nerd Alert!!! (Comix Author Recommendations)

Nerd Alert!!!!
Recommendations and rants from the underground comix, and related worlds of the strange and beautiful
to keep up on a regular basis please follow us on Instagram where we update daily!


Nerd Art!!! Daniel Clowes

daniel Clowes
If you have never read Daniel Clowes then I feel sorry for you and wonder if you’re friends care about you at all. Don’t worry, it’s never too late! Pick any one of these these titles and you’re in for a sureal trip into a trip of Comix masterworks, mixing elements of Pulp, Noir, Resentment, Murder and occasionally delicate romance. He is the best of our time

Nerd Alert!!! Julie Doucet

Julie Doucet
My favorite female artist and one of my top 3 of any gender in any time, Julie’s work is irrestitble. The world she draws isn’t a pleasent one full of anixety and fear but she illustrates in such a charming combination of quirk and grundge, I could read her versions of events any time and fall in love. My favorite is My NY Diary, but it might be more rewarding to read after you’ve introduced yourself to her reality in short story  works in collections such as My Most Secret Desire and Lève Ta Jambe Mon, Poisson Est Mort! (Lift Your Leg, My Fish Is Dead!)

Nerd Alert!!! Zines

Boy we sure love independently produced Comix! Here are some of our all time favorites in our collection. 😎😎 …OK so Jack Handey’s DEEP THOUGHTS isn’t a Zine but boy it sure still in funny

Nerd Alert! Minoru Furuya

If you were looking to find the Daniel Clowes of Japan, Minoru Furuya would be your best bet. Insanely prolific and brilliant, his work started in demented absurd comedies and gradually transformed into Horror. His artwork, sense of storytelling, harsh examination of society is always on point. He’s the rare Manga artist who draws Japanese Ppl who look Japanese.
I know his most famous title, PING PONG CLUB has been subtitled, pretty sure you can find some of his other titles translated online. I recommend GREEN HILL, my personal fav.

Nerd Alert!! Alan Moore

Stopped reading mainstream comics a long time ago (why my mom keeps sending me Spider-Man stuff on my birthdays I could not tell you) but Alan Moore makes the exception. I don’t know what category he’d be filed under, not underground but definitely unique. Always interesting, emotionally layered and full of twists. I love me some SWAMP THING!!

Nerd Alert!!! Peter Bagge

I love HATE comics!! Peter Bagge rules!! I had always seen his stuff around but never got into reading until a few years ago. Boy what a fool I was. Reading Buddy Bradley’s life is like reading an epic life of extreme highs and lows. I almost relate to it all little too much..
Everything else Mr. Bagge has put out is equally as dense and human in their exploration of living in this crazy world. Even his brief gig at Marvel Comics making Spiderman and Hulk stories are Hi-Fucking-Hilarious!

Nerd Alert!  PULP/HORROR

I Pulp Horror! The comix and art that came out of the 50s and 60s are in particular divine, can’t get enough of them. Wish I had enough money to buy all those collections that hv been put out. I’ve seen modern comic companies try to replicate the anthology format but it always seem to lack the charm and pop/grit not to mention skill of the work they pay homage to…
With the exception of that Urban Legend book, if you hv Daniel Clowes drawing the cover it’s probably pretty cool.
My own work (the editor) is heavily inspired by Pulp (few examples on the bottom of photo)

Nerd Alert!! DERF

I’m really into this guy, DERF right now.
My friend (who looks exactly like guy on center of book 1) lent me My Friend Dahmer and I ploughed right through it. What am amazing story teller! Haunting and terrifying but sympathetic as well. The makings of a mad man are evident and one might wonder what would hv been different for him if somebody just reached out to him with more effort. My only criticism would be that the author as a teen seemed to take advantage of Dahmers oddities to ridicule but made no effort to be an actual friend. Odd that he wouldn’t reflect “what lives I might have saved?”
But moving onto Punk Rock and Trailer Parks, I was quickly endeared to the “Baron’s” passion for life and unique ability to connect to Hero’s of punk rock like Clash, Ramones, Lester Bangs and many more.
There is even a continuation of the Barons story online. I don’t follow online comics, just feels weird and most presented to me seem too cutsey for me, but I can’t help wonder what The Baron gets up to next.Up next, Trashed!

Nerd Alert!! R. Crumb

Uh, duh. What could be said about R. Crumb the Godfather of American Comix? Say what you will about some of his questionable antics , the man is an undeniable genius. No-one has produced as much and with as much range as Mr. Crumb. From his collaborations with Pekar & Bukowski, to Fritz the Cat, to (one of my favs) Mode O’ Day stories, he’s done it all. The only reason I don’t always list him in my top 3 is because, though brilliant, his sexual fantasy stories are pretty masturbatory and my other favorite artists can be a little more subtle with sneaking in their private sexual tastes. But then again sometimes I want to give him extra points for having the balls to be that honest.
He definitely is the one guy that got me to read a book of the Bible. His illustrated take on Genesis was AMAZING.

Nerd Alert!!! Japanese ghost art.


I lve, lve, lve Japanese art!! I could browse through them for hours, also love haunted houses in Japan.
The grand daddy master Japanese ghost illustrator would have to be Shigeru Mizuki. He sadly passed November of last year, but what a legacy he left behind! I hope to one day make it to Mizuki Shigeru Road in Sakaiminato, his hometown.
Today I’m taking some inspiration from classic Japanese Ghost prints for a tour poster for a friend…
oh what? You want to look in side? okaaay finnneee.

Nerd Alert!!  Zines

More independently produced books! Do I have a healthy collection? The answer is YES

Nerd Alert!!! Otomo Katashiro

Otomo Katashiro, the genius future punk illustrator and writer of Japan. No other manga epic has ever matched up to the complexity, harshness and intense energy of his masterpiece, AKIRA. The feature was a milestone on its own right but the original source material offers so much more. Pre-Akita, Mr. Katashiro created comic shorts that were much more down to earth. Stories involving Japanese karate teachers struggling in late 70s NY, or a man slowly eating a murder victim just to get rid of the evidence. Though always dark, his writings never lose their darkly comedic touch. Brilliant reads. Not pictured here, I have a VHS of his film, MEMORIES. It’s fantastic.

Nerd Alert!! Ralph Steadman

I always thought Ralph Steadman had a sensibility similar to those found in underground comix. Very raw, brutal but humorous. A lot of the same themes as well, paranoia, fear, America explored through a twisted mind, but so brilliant. Animal Farm has always been one of my favorite books and I’ve read it twice since purchasing his take. His drawings of poor Boxer are heartbreaking… Always wanted to score a copy of his Alice through the Looking Glass…


Nerd Alert!!! Sam Keith

When IMAGE COMICS first broke into the scene, I remember it being supposed to be the indie comic movement of the 90s, with all the hottest artists from Marvel comics creating their very own superheros. Unfortunately most of those artists didn’t know how to write for shit and their titles quickly dribbled to boring unreadable shlop. IMO 2 people made the exception, Erik Larsen and even more so, Sam Keith. His Comics were pure magic. So complex, so human, funny, scary, surreal and beautifully illustrated. I used to marvel at Sam Keith’s artwork for hours, the line work, the colors the weird details, he seemed to transcend the borders of any other mainstream comicbook illustrator.
In fact shoot, now that I pulled these old MAXX comics out of my closet, I just might have to slowly reread them. Into the bathroom comic rack they go!! And yes they’re all there. Please don’t mk me pull them all out. They’re boarded front to back

Nerd Alert!!! Mike Judge

One of my creative heroes is Mike Judge for sure. I’m LOVING Silicon Valley, it has everything I want in a good comedy. Relatable characters, unpredictable dialogue, terrible endearing characters. Idocracy was brilliant (on the 2nd watch for me), but my fav of the 3 features was Extract which I thought think is generally underrated. I think it’s easier to parody the unlikable boss than the likable boss that deals with the circus of employment.  Have you rewatched Beavis & Butthead lately, tho? Dude shit holds up, I loved it initially in 6th grde and then started to hate it when everybody caught on and started imitating them all the time. That return season was amazing tho. And you know another early cartoon stroke of genius for Mike Judge was his original Office Space cartoons. I remember seeing these on Spike & Mike and Liquid TV and was blown away.  Mike Judge said of when his animated films first started getting notied. “Oh, man. This is way better than working. Why didn’t I do this earlier?” . But of course if he wasn’t a working-stiff he never would have gotten all the real life problems in which to make comedy genius from… #nerdalert #mikejudge #officespace #beavisandbutthead #siliconvlley #genius #comedicgenius #creativegenius #idiocracy #stapler #boss #coworker #employee #officehumor #spikeandmike #liquidtv #inidependentanimation #illustration #comix #undergroundcomics #Thegremlinquarterly

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Nerd Alert!! Stand alone masterpieces!
You don’t need to hv a comix makers entire body of work, sometimes one good book can mk u fall in love. These are some great examples of graphic novels that both stand alone and the test of time.
I recommend Lynda Barry’s 100 Demons if you’re looking for something that will spark and nourish your own creativity. MAUZ for anyone you’re trying to introduce to mature comic art. It’s incredible each time I reread it.

Nerd Alert!?…  Jeffrey Brown
Hmm… How do you guys feel about Jeffrey Brown? I have to admit I’ve had mixed feelings about his work. I do like his sense of timing and his loose drawing style. He can often capture a scene in just a few panels and his work is emotional. But something about it always rubbed me the wrong way… I always felt that he’s playing the victim in his comics, like the poor sensitive artist that gets his feelings hurt by women all the time, and it just seemed wrong to me and I always wished I could hear from the women he writes about. Also, is he the kind of guy that crushed on every single girl he met, because I find that kind of behavior questionable as well. I mean we all (ok not all obviously) have those micro crushes, or flirt-attacks but to not be able to engage with the opposite sex (or same sex) without it being a romantic thing seems kind of creepy and juvenile to me.
I used to draw a lot of autobiographical comics myself and a few times people compared me to Jeffrey Brown and sent me into a depression. Oh so I’m doing the “poor me” shtick?? Because the reason weird things were happening in my life was usually due to some chain reaction I had something to do with. So I had to rethink my approach and make my work depict myself as not some sweet hard-luck angel, cause that would be pathetic..
I wonder if Jeffrey Brown would get stuck in an endless cycle of emotion and “Should have done it differently” as he worked on these relationship comics… I personally feel more comfortable reading stuff like Peter Bagge’s Hate where it feels a little more balanced between Buddy having problems and Buddy being the problem.
I don’t know! Does anybody have any opinions on this? Do you fall in love when you read Jeffrey Brown’s world.

Nerd Alert!! Scott Pilgrim
Normally as a jaded adult, I would steer way clear of anything that resembled cute anime art, especially those produced in the US, can’t even remember what made me flip open this Scott Pilgrim, maybe I heard Edgar Wright was working on a film adaptation? But Im sure glad I did, because there was much more to this series than met the eye.
Reading Scott Pilgrim & Co’s adventure was like taking a trip back to my youth, hanging out with my friends, seeing shows, having silly dramas that seemed much bigger deals than they should have, spending a whole lot of time doing absolutely nothing, yet… but… no, it means something.
Video-game culture seem like such a youthful thing for me and it plays perfectly in this world where things like “Power Ups” and “Extra Lives” are essential for survival. The humor is often subtle and the characters are pretty much all endearing. I love this series. It’s cool.
I used to spend an awful lot of energy trying to figure out movies to watch with my ex-girlfriend that SHE would like. A couple times I would just take a chance and get her to watch a “Genre Bending” movie like the Scott Pilgrim movie or Cabin In The Woods, and see if she’d appreciate at least the fresh take on materials. The only thing I did see, however, was her falling asleep and then in the morning saying something like “Yeah, I don’t think I was getting into that movie”. Both those films are movies I dragged @h2whoah to blindly to which it almost seemed to Tk his breath afterwards, “..That… was so cool!!”. Can’t win em all! Scott Pilgrim is a winner, IMO

Thank yous!

Thank Yous are in order… These are both from The Gremlin and from me (Teppei, the editor) personally

Richard Houghten… For cutting 7″ records (a total of 50) for our debut issue and saving me from the Loop. Whatta good guy. (Goofballlll)
Alika Cooper… For giving me advice on how to navigate through the Los Angeles artistic community and giving me straight opinions
Jonah Olson… For helping to brainstorm names for this publications (Though he didn’t come up with the winning name) and being an understanding friend. And I guess, busting my balls.
Aaron Olson (L.A. Takedown)… for being a great person and being an inspiration
Liz Dunning… For cracking me up and being a constant friend. We fight like siblings, I love it (most of the time). Yoga, yoga!!
Derek McCall… for constantly being pumped for me and sending me long ass kind emails when I was hiding.
Angel Diaz… for giving me the wack eyes that made me get myself back on track and being generally an awesome friend.
Matt Hewitt… For being a brother in comic making madness and a creative force to be reckoned with
Skylight Books & Jenn Witte… for being supportive of my work from the getgo. How many years has it been?
Rachel Rosenfeld… For getting me into movies and being a good friend when I needed one. Keep it real!
Nick Perry… For being an ineffective moral compass (But you did not persuade me Nicholas)
Kelly Froh (Short Run)… For your encouragement when I needed it
Max Clotfelter (Intruder)… For advice on where to place free papers. He was right, Record Shops were the nicest
Pehrspace… For giving me a place to be in LA
Rock Paper Scissors Collective… For being my home in Oakland
Devon McClive… for understanding, giving me creative support and putting up with my shit for 2 years
Tamar Solomon… For being Melissa to my Brendan
Justin Greenwood… For being my drawing buddy and Spotify music playlist playmate. Greenwood-Ando For-Eva!!!
Marci Washingon… for being able to balance the darkness in her work and humor in life. Love her shit.
Sonny Smith (Sonny & the Sunsets)… for giving interesting projects to work on and being a creative hero.
John Arana… For checking in on me and being an emotional support. Hope we make that thing we talk about cause it’d be really rad.
Arnell Ando, my mother… for giving me the sensitivty of an artist and being a fan even when I’m not one of myself
Yoshiro Ando, my father… for giving me stubbornness and drive to keep going towards my dreams
Taro Ando, my brother… For pushing me to keep going my path even when I thought I couldn’t do it anymore

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SIDE A: Nanga Parbat by Matt Hewitt, performed by Matt Hewitt w/ music by Matt Bernot

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