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img_20160913_143037-1 img_20160913_142939-1
 The Gremlin Quarterly Vol 1

Regulars: Teppei Ando, Tommy Busch, Sonia Hayden, Matt Hewitt, Spencer Hicks, Jessica Owen, Sonny Smith, L.A. Takedown, Jim Tozzi, Miles Wintner

Guests: Lenae Day, Liz Dunning, Evah Fan, Joe Flow, Justin Greenwood, Atwon Jackson, Danny Jimenez, Peter Lalish Eydie McConnell,  Brendan Monroe, Nick Perry, Souyoung Shin, Joyce Tsang,  Marci Washington, Eric Wesley, April Wolfe
The Gremlin Quarterly Vol 2

Regulars: Teppei Ando, Tommy Busch, Ryan Graber, Sonia Hayden, Matt Hewitt, Spencer Hicks, Jessica Owen, Sonny Smith, L.A. Takedown, Jim Tozzi, Miles Wintner

Guests: Travis Brown, Max Clotfelter, Alika Cooper, Lenae Day, Henrik Drescher, Gaby Felten, Kelly Froh, Ellen Grieder, Men Montero,  Sopearb Touch, April Wolfe

Musical Guest: LUCIUS



Worx by Teppei Ando

Murder Dollhouse #1
The Man Who Lived In Their Attic
22 b&w pages
4 color pages

Murder Dollhouse #2
True Macabre Trilogy
ludes 3 short animated shorts (over 1 hr) + entertaining special features

img_20160911_155858Murder Dollhouse #3
18 Level of Hell
18 pages of words 36 pages of full spread of illustrations based on Chinese Map of Hell

img_20160911_141314Murder Dollhouse #4
Short Cuts
Includes playable gameboard cover w pieces and dice,
28 B&W strip pages, 6 full colored strips pages

img_20160911_153815I Miss You Already, Stranger
16 pages, zine collecting paintings based on real MISSED CONNECTIONS

img_20160911_130151Love-Note Cards
4 Romantic Cards
from paintings, each signed by artist

Movie Poster Cards
4 Spooky Cards
from paintings, each signed by artist

img_20160911_160559Bathroom Terror and Other Childhood Threats
Children’s Book(SOLD OUTTTTT)
Locksmith Bros.
$8 (very limited supply)
44 pages, 3 short ALL TOO TRUE stories

From Dud To Stud, Zero to Hero
Written by Hank Champion (Sonny Smith) Story book 50 pages

Heroes & Villains
34 pages
2 short stories based on real life working experiences

9to5How to Survive Working 9 to 5
(Completely sold out!!!) These babies won’t last forever
img_20160911_150718-1Boy Genius Comic Strips $2.50 each
(before I ever made my first mini comic, I started with daily comicstrips on Myspace. These are the greatest hits!)

Richard Houghten
Sonata De Grillo LP
1 of a kind- Screen-printed Covers
(last 3 known copies available)

Richard Houghten
Saving A Life 7″
Last known copy

img_20160911_155212-1Hang In There!
Coffee Mug
$22 (marked up for shipping)
Each individually Decal Printed

Joanna Newsom Print
8-1/2 X 11
$5 signed

Desperate Living Print
8-1/2 X 11
$5 signed

please make color choice requests at checkout, if I am unable to comply I will notify you 🙂

Worx by  Matt Hewitt

Biker Party Graphic Novel
(Full Color, Painted)
Coming Soon!!!!!!!
112 pages
with pinup pages by numerous guest artists
Corky Burger Graphic Novel
117 pages
w numerous guest artist splash pages

img_20160911_115802New JACK CITY portraits
16 pages , fully colored painted illustrations

Coloring Book
12 pages, (Child Appropriate!!!)

Mozambique Drill
(written w/ Aaron Olson)
16 pages, short story

Kris Kristofferson Print

(8 1/2 X 11)
Dennis Farina Print
(8 1/2 X 11)



Work by Miles Wintner 


 img_20160911_120002Zine (A)

22 pages

 img_20160911_112651Zine (b)

18 pages

 img_20160911_120030Zine (c)

18 (color) pages


Zine (D)
10 pages


Zine (E)
10 pages


Zine (F)
18 page